LC AC honda hobbit n derbi custom cut 47mm METRAKIT head - super street
LC AC water cooled honda hobbit n camino n derbi custom cut 47mm METRAKIT head - super street


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custom FULLY cnc machined 7075 alu liquid cooled AND aircooled head for use on hobbit or derbi 47mm metrakit!

these DO NOT come with fittings!! you will need to pick some up in order to get water into this thing. we offer STRAIGHT and 90deg ANGLED fittings currently!! choose between having two angled fittings, two straight fittings, or one of each!
this way you can pick a combination that best suits your water pump/radiator hose routing!

these things are chunky and have a ton of metallic mass for succing away heat from your cylinder. good luck trying to strip the plug threads out on this bad boy. vaguely reminiscent of a derbi head, the design said to be inspired by the cool mountains of rural alaska.... BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! these are also water cooled!! probably would cool just fine without any water in it still. optional water capabilities? who knows! water ports are at the 12 and 6 o'clock positions.

for derbi flat reed and honda hobbit camino, PA50, express, NU50 and the rest but see the stud holes? they are slotted so it will fit on many different bikes!!

these heads are on the thick side measuring 29mm thick. you may need to install longer cylinder studs due to this.

this head was cut to match the dome profile of the DR kit piston but should work equally as well with the polini, malossi, parmakit, and wizard kit! would even work well with the stocko shocko kit for a pinch less compression.

this one is cut to super street specs meaning it has a pinch more compression and is more suited for your super ripper setup!

uses LONG THREAD spark plugs!! say bye bye to decomp!!! so rad........

will NOT work on 103!!!!! you need a different version for that, we have it in the works so hold tight and it shall appear!

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5 of 5 PLZZZZZ can we have the 103 version!? April 18, 2022
taco eater : Ascoute Zeros from Toledo, OH United States  
Our French bikes are so hot! and the old LC heads are so hard to find! Plzzzz make these for us French sadists!?

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