treatland contact + questions

we have simplified our question system a bit. we now have only four departments. please choose the right one so your question gets answered quickly n by the correct department.

you can ask diana a question relating to just about anything except shipping
you can ask david, willie, aaron, jack or dana or calder or sean in the shipping department a question about returns, exchanges, messed up orders, combining orders, canceling orders, express shipping, or any other shipping or order related questions.
you can reach benji for special orders dept thru special orders or else! if you wish to special order something, as in "special", got it?
price matching - yes. submit your price match link for authorization. wanna know more about price matching?

choose the wrong dept and your question will magically vanish! wow!


practice reading comprehension below in this very approachable format i have devised.

UPDATE June - nothing much to report, on mondays we are generally a little more behind than usual because we take the weekend off. it all seems pretty logical to me.

Yes, a real human shall answer you. Treatland, the international friend of moped, is here to help you.

or if you don't have an account set up yet, you can email here -

if you have already emailed us and not received a response check your spam folder and do a search in your email for the address as we answer all emails sent to us, usually within a day or less. if you are an unpleasant person and don't really have anything nice to say your email was probably deleted by mistake, oops, man what a bummer.

here are the answers to some commonly asked questions so you can get your answer quick - we will add some more soon. ok yeah we are still working on that.

moped jetting and tuning questions - please see the tuning spread sheet here

please email in your questions, we answer emails super fast all day long, so you will get a response asap. thanks!

from 2007 to march 2018 we were located in the mission in SF. As of march 2018 we are in our new warehouse in El Cerrito, CA, right beside SF, Oakland, Berkeley, etc.