honda hobbit malossi cast iron 70cc cylinder kit
hobbit malossi cast iron 70cc kit




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malossi cast iron 70cc 45.5mm cylinder kit for all honda hobbit, camino, PA50, PA50II and other honda mopeds. This beast is heavy duty 7 ports, ay! you will love it! comes with all the usual fun things, cylinder, piston, ring, gaskets, wrist pin and clips, yey! + it comes with a jet and jet drill bit for enlarging your jet to run this beast, if you foolishly choose to keep the original carb that comes on the hobbit. but you won't, right?

get a replacement piston here!

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3 of 5 Seize twice, shame on shitty customers. October 1, 2022
taco eater : Gordo Calamari from New Orleans, LA  
Had this kit for like 4 years on my NU50 with a vm20 and the best MLM sidebleed pipe I could get.  Definitely rips hard. Unfortunately had a soft seize twice. The first one I honed the cylinder and slapped it back together with a new piston and it worked great. Second time happened tonight. Could be the cooler weather but idk I might get a better kit.  Engine temp was at 358°F max.
Also iffy about having only 1 piston ring??
I’m writing this review after a really crappy night at work where some europeans  stiffed me on a large tab, then seizing on the ride home and i’m salty af. Could’ve used that tip to help pay for a new kit. Whatever. Rippp your waiters.

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5 of 5 Pa50 ripper March 16, 2020
taco eater : Edgar Massey from El Cajon, CA United States  
No port matching, no clean up, just bolt on and go. Paired with derbi custom cut head for extra cools. Crapy mlm intake to a 20$ amazon phbg. Used the drill bit on the phbg idle jet, because why not, made it idle great. Got a proma on it, no vario mods yet ripps but i havent found the right main jet yet, could be the china carb but who knows.

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5 of 5 nu50 May 11, 2013
taco eater : Alex Johnson from Sioux Falls, SD United States  
Bolted it on my urban with no porting. vm20, weakends intake, 3 vario weights, race gears, and a proma. does 50+ with a bx31 belt, does wheelies EZ with stock belt still nearing 50.
This kit ripssssssssss.

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5 of 5 52mph gps'd March 22, 2012
taco eater : jason kluczyk from chicago, IL United States  
Nice solid kit.  Stock carb 88 jet (still a little rich - colder days it runs alot better), PA1 weights, Notched variator, Proma pipe.  It has a lot of pull in the mid-range, then tapers off and will slowly climb to the top end.  The hottest it got was 427°F WOT for a lengthy time.

In all I enjoy this kit, 100 miles on it, and it seams pretty solid.      

***edit still going strong after 800 miles, hit 480 degrees in the hills outside of Austin, Texas and this kit is no joke! It keeps chugging along

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5 of 5 Super Smooth! March 1, 2012
taco eater : David Cox from Energy, IL United States  
Good kit, pulls as hard bigger kits for more dough!  If it was as cheap as the wizard kit would be a no brainer, but now, decisions have to be made, now make em!

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