honda hobbit pa50 moped aluminum 46mm 70cc 7 port cylinder kit for wizards only oh ok you can get one too
honda hobbit pa50 moped aluminum 46mm 70cc 7 port cylinder kit



honda hobbit express camino and such super hi revving aluminum chrome cylinder from rare vintage molds unearthed from the the depths of cavernous tombs of yee old age, super cheap and super ripping. utilizes secrets of the golden age n wizards, now long forgotten. piston features plenty of cutaways, more than any other kit! ohh see the photos to believe it! 7 ports and large transfers with plenty of room still to do more porting should you feel like it. could this be what you've been waiting for? could it? who knows! kit of the century? kit of the decade? kit of the year? kit of the month? kit of thee hour? who knows! faster than an arrow, perhaps.

includes all gaskets, piston, rings, piston clips, wrist pin, & cylinder of course.

get a replacement piston HERE!

note: this kit needs a mm or two of spacing to allow the piston to clear the head and allow the exhaust port to fully open at BDC. luckily we made a nice 2mm base spacer for ya. if you're a super pro, you'll use the mlm spacer, then get your head cut to account for the additional deck height from spacing it.

some express bikes may require minor fin cutting to fit, but well worth it for this raw dark power

N-nothing important. That is, I heard a good deal about a ring, and a dark lord, and something about the end of the world, but please, Mr. Gandalf, sir, don't hurt me. Don't turn me into anything... unnatural.

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IT'S TOO FAST. August 6, 2016
taco eater : Anthony Gagnon from Medina, OH United States  
78 express: rips like a mahfah! Holy hell I love this kit.

Install info: has a decomp port from the exhaust port to the head you need to take care of. Either buy a head that has a decomp valve, or like I did: block off that port. I tapped the port to a screw size I had lying around, cut the head off the hex cap screw, dremeled a slot into the screw, then screwed the screw into the decomp port with red loctite. I'll edit this if it fails due to high temp.

.6mm base spacer with gaskets on either side works with port timing, no piston slap with head gasket. Haven't tried 1mm to compare performance diference. Careful with that exhaust gasket, yo!

Also you have to cut two fins with a dremel to make room for the trans fill plug. But that's cakewalk and you know it.

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taco eater : Matthew Graham from colorado springs, CO United States  
I have and a original 78 Honda express.
1) Do i need base spacers to make this fit?
2) Should i run an after market exhaust (right now i have a DE-restricted stock exhaust)
3) Do i need a new head or can i use my stock head?

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moped guy March 12, 2015
taco eater : Tom King from Central Point, OR United States  
this kit with good pipe hauls   can you say wheelie time  make sure you jet with stock pipe or will be soorry

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Cox Bros. March 8, 2012
taco eater : David Cox from Energy, IL United States  
Bought 2 of these, one for 78 Express, and 81 Express II, perfect with factory 81 head and 2 base gaskets, 180 psi, top end ripper for sure, definately buy one again if i needed another kit

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Stroke to long... Thats what she said!!!! November 26, 2011
taco eater : The Twisted Tuner from Peg City, MB, Canada  
So I got one for the old 1982 PA50 II.  I wonder if people are missing this when building???  But.  The piston stroke doesn' match the porting. Think it was the exhaust port.  The piston won't go low enough to fully open it.  Almost as though you need a 2-3mm spacer on bottom. Also the piston may tap head, or really throw squish off.  
Now that I ponder this. I belive the early PA50 I used a casting in the cases to "prevent" installing a PA50 II cyl. (without modding)
I bet this casting holds this cyl to the right level, & the ports would all open fully.
If someone has a early honda like this can you confirm if I may be right?
To bad I loved this cyl min. took out of box!  Really want to use it.  
Russ did you try it on the 78'?  Think yours could have been either old/new cases.

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