honda hobbit stocko shocko extremo 60.2cc kit
honda hobbit pa50 extremo 44mm 60.2cc



the latest addition to the treat family of cylinders, the stocko shocko extremo cast iron 44mm 60.2ccs of power kit for honda hobbit!!!

compatible with honda hobbit, camino, express, pa50, pa50II, nu50, nc50, etc.. ..

some express bikes may require minor fin cutting to fit, but well worth it for this raw power

is this real? yes. prepare to be shocked, and stocked. this kit is black painted cast iron. it's super durable and reliable. porting is simple for a long life of 44mm rippin it up man, man up! if you can handle this. extemo!

comes with cylinder, piston, wrist pin, clips and NO gasket set! yes, NO gasket set is included.

also comes with a special feature. it comes with a piston ring springy thing that you can put in before the lower ring. maybe it gives it some extra spring for supreme sealing and compression! or forget you ever saw it.

spare pistons and rings available!

**ATTN, this shall serve as your official notice from the high priestess of thee kingdom - this cylinder no longer includes gaskets, well sometimes they do, sometimes they don't... SO if you want to be assured you have a nice new set of gaskets grab these or suffer.**

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super high quality stuff September 3, 2017
taco eater : Jacob Wine from Mequon, WI  
you will not be disappointed. fit perfectly on my na50 with a bit of angle grinding. the torque is nice, 33mph gps!

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Oh my shocko April 15, 2016
taco eater : Mark Stringer from Christchurch, New Zealand  
Got this little ripper installed on my 82 Express NC50 and got a lot of Torque back. Only thing i can think of is that the crush gasket that comes with it wont work to well on my MLM sidebleed exhaust. Badboy Rippin without massive speed gains is just what i wanted. What a Treat :)

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Buy it. No seriously, what are you waiting for? August 3, 2015
taco eater : Vegasjetta @CFG from Westbrook, ME United States  
Picked this Extremo kit up for the wife's 78 Express. That poor old girl couldn't hit 26mph downhill the other day. Took my time, used up about 2 hours putting this setup on. Now the Orange Express that couldn't, CAN. Got her up to 30 going UP hill after letting it warm up to break in the kit. I am planning on getting this kit again for my Urban Express, which now has an MLM pipe. Can't wait to see the gains on there!

As stated, you have to dremel down one fin to clear the oil plug, and I had to grind down some of the outer fins to clear the foot peg mounts. It's MUCH easier to install with the main motor bolt removed and the front of the bike suspended (from the rafters in the garage with a tie down strap!) because you'll need to put it on and take it off a few times to get those fins cut right.

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honda hobbit stocko shocko extremo 60.2cc kit April 3, 2015
taco eater : Kody Koerselman from LE MARS, IA United States  
Easy to put on and had great results. Currently running boyseen mod reeds, 85 jet, de-restricted stock exhaust, ported stock air box, and some slight porting on the cylinder. I also shaved the head down just a smidgen for some compression. I HIGHLY recommend getting some stronger head bolts from your local hardware store because I broke 2 of them in the process of torquing them down. I'm 15 and I installed the whole kit in less than 3 hours and am overall impressed. It's on a 1983 NC50 and hits 35 mph down a slight hill with the 2-speed transmission.

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taco eater February 12, 2015
taco eater : taco eater from Central Point, OR United States  
this kits is great need raise barrle  with shin or to 3 gaskets   10 mph faster up hills  on flat  runnin choke half on ,,    short  run,,  havent jeted it  gona put 86 main jet in stock carb  and have a jimmie pipe on it

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