honda hobbit stocko shocko extremo 60.2cc kit
honda hobbit pa50 extremo 44mm 60.2cc




the latest addition to the treat family of cylinders, the stocko shocko extremo cast iron 44mm 60.2ccs of power kit for honda hobbit!!!

compatible with honda hobbit, camino, express, pa50, pa50II, nu50, nc50, etc.. ..

some express bikes may require minor fin cutting to fit, but well worth it for this raw power

is this real? yes. prepare to be shocked, and stocked. this kit is black painted cast iron. it's super durable and reliable. porting is simple for a long life of 44mm rippin it up man, man up! if you can handle this. extemo!

comes with cylinder, piston, wrist pin, clips and gaskets.

also comes with a special feature. it comes with a piston ring springy thing that you can put in before the lower ring. maybe it gives it some extra spring for supreme sealing and compression! or forget you ever saw it.

spare pistons and rings available!

**ATTN, this shall serve as your official notice from the high priestess of thee kingdom - this cylinder no longer includes gaskets, well sometimes they do, sometimes they don't and sometimes they do but the head gasket doesn't work without dremelling it bigger... SO if you want to be assured you have a nice new set of gaskets grab these or suffer.**

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4 of 5 Good Value May 5, 2023
taco eater : Mario Termine from Blacksburg, VA United States  
Piston hits head. Added a second base gasket and it fixed it. Doesnt seem to leak yet?

Must drill and tap the decomp port. I used an m6 tap and set screw with red loctite.

I didn't trim the fins because on the Express II NC50 you can fill the oil from the front of the case as well so the side fill port isn't needed. But if you have the single speed you'll probably need to trim.

Running it with a stock pipe and a Dellorto 15 with a cone filter, 70 jet after break in seems to do nicely at 2k feet elevation. Stock pipe is too restrictive to see any performance improvements so Im still only hitting about 27mph top speed. But eventually I will throw a pipe on it. This 60cc kit was about the same price as a stock replacement so I figured why not. Overall for 80 bucks it's pretty good. Hopefully it lasts a while.

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5 of 5 Besides the needed modifications I love it! March 30, 2023
taco eater : John Stevens from Worcester, MA United States  
For my 1980 Honda Express NC50 fin cutting was of course needed to clear the frame and the tranny oil fill plug. Also plug the decomp hole. Also depending on your year/model you'll NEED a metal base plate spacer (or maybe just a thicker base gasket?) if using the stock head like I am otherwise the piston will hit the head!!

But now i'm impressed great low end take off, and NO PROBLEM with steep hills all over my neighborhood!! Had it near 30mph and this is with the stock original muffler!! I'll have to try out the MLM "stock like" pipe next!!

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5 of 5 Fantabular June 8, 2022
taco eater : Rabies Matt from Winnipeg, MB Canada  
Really a great bang for buck! it even has 49.9cc on the side so you can confuse and amaze your homies.. I suggest one of the metal hobbit spacers for the base.. I went with .8mm spacer, and 2 paper gaskets.. everything lines up nice.. running stock head, she rips!  UPDATE: SHE REALLY F'n RIPS!! If you bolt on with stock or jammy pipe and stock carb, yea is great bang for buck, itll rip... But if you empty that duct tape wallet and splurge on the VM20 carb party, along with a proma pipe, and dremel the crap outta your stock reed block/intake block thing that attaches to the MLM intake, you will be ripping PAST THE RIPPERS! YOU WILL DOUBLE THE RIPPAGE FOR ONLY 4X THE PRICE! Just friggin do it. Dont be a scaredy cat. Who cares about water bills?... Wheelie life sucka.

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1 of 5 1983 Honda NC50 June 4, 2022
taco eater : Jason Rosenthal from Red oak, TX United States  
This doesn’t plug and play. Fins have to be cut. Piston hits head. Will update if I get it to work.

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5 of 5 Great upgrade May 11, 2022
taco eater : Birch from CA United States  
Bike: Honda Hobbit PA50

This kit definitely got me ripping nearly 45 mph with the honda hobbit "jammy" performance exhaust pipe. Required a bit of air/ fuel mix adjustment from the stock cylinder using the 16mm-ish honda hobbit pa50 clone carb. Used two head gaskets to give a little extra thickness as was suggested in other comments.

Con: went so fast my speedometer died after an hour of riding. Did not come with M6 studs for exhaust mounting, and seemed to need longer studs than what was on the stock cylinder.

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