CNC'd minarelli v1 spacer - precut transfer version
CNC'd minarelli v1 spacer - WIDE version


Extremely nice CNC'd ALUMINUM spacer made to adapt the Puch kit of your choosing onto a Minarelli v1 engine with a minimal amount of work. The transfers are prematched for the 74cc Gilardoni, but its actually very close to a lot of other Puch kits so anything will work like a dandy!

This version is wider than before which allows it to work with Gila, Eurokit, Metrakit, ETC. About 18.5mm wide, precision cut to allow Puch kits to be compatible with the Minarelli v1 stroke. 52mm inner diameter and the bolt hole spacing center to center in a square pattern would be 46mm x 46mm

Any 47mm piston cylinder or smaller will fit right on to the v1 with this spacer, 45s work great too like the treat kit especiale, piston port treat kit, and puch malossi kit (which word on the street that this might be the ultimate ripper? but dont ask me...) just to name a few.

as for larger puch kits, like the gilardoni and eurokit, will require you to possibly cut the piston skirt a tad bit so that it doesnt run into the minarelli case. this isnt always true, but sometimes might need to be addressed. alternately, you could bore the Minarelli a bit so that the piston doesn't run into it, but why would you do that to a poor V1 case??

a finely designed and expertly executed product that allows the adventurous minarelli v1 lover to experiment...muahahaha!! Don't tell my dad, but this should get you pretty close to running a Derbi PP/PR kit on a V1/V1L but I didn't tell you NOTHIN' GOT IT!!

2021 ANNOUNCEMENT: This batch doesn't need any dremeling to fit on the V1 case. the batch from 2019/2020 needed a leetle bit of clearancing on some cases, we fixed that now! Did you know there were v1 cases that looked identical.. but weren't?! it was news to us too! Sowwy Senpai!!!

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5 of 5 Another quality product July 7, 2018
taco eater : Magic from Seattle, WA United States  
To get it to slide on properly you have to shave down the sides a bit to clear the cases. Transfer area is not big enough for the metrakit, but whatever. I'm running one with a euro kit/19phbg/tecno bullet that is the fastest accelerating v1 I have ever ridden. Power wheelies like wow and a 52 mph top speed, could add gearing and get into the 60s for sure. Would like to try a puch polini or maybe a treats kit. V1 are the best.

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