puch airsal EUROKIT 47mm 6 port cylinder kit with head + ANGLED exhaust port
puch airsal EUROKIT 47mm 6 port cylinder kit with head + ANGLED exhaust port




way back in the old days of mopedin in another land far far away there existed something known as the EUROKIT 47mm 6 port cylinder.

this is an ANGLED EX PORT cylinder so you can use the homoet 8p and BK100 puch
20mm round intake port, uses standard puch size intakes, not the smaller size like metra 47mm or larger size like parma
38mm center to center on the intake studs
6 port design - these ports are something to take notes on... side ports are quite impressive!
47mm so you'll have to bore the case to fit
47mm piston with single 1mm ring

need a 100% perfect fitting PHBG intake? for za50 or e50? for clamp style or rubber mount style dellorto PHBG? yes you do don't you. well here you go!

includes : cylinder, head, gaskets, piston, ring, clips, wrist pin.

caution: just like on the 80 metrakits the piston ring will catch on the intake port when you're putting the piston in, so ya gotta know how to handle this man.

caution : just like on the 80 metrakit large port you will need to add some material to your cases to get a good seal on this one cause the transfers are so massive

caution: yeah just caution for now.

grab a replacement piston here!

for further info check this out!

oh and look here, a new review!

introduced 2/18/14 treats production time stamped

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5 of 5 Airsal 47mm review April 5, 2022
taco eater : David Bixler from South BURLINGTON, VT United States  
It's a lot of work but this kit is wild! So so fast!!
I welded up the sides with map/oxy and aluminum welding rods and bored out the case and transfers with a dremel. Decked it down with a piece of glass and sand paper. It came out great but I'd recommend having this done by a machine shop.
I paired this kit with a super stroker crank, dellorto 19 and a MLM devinci pipe. It absolutely rips!!! No idea how fast it goes but it's straight up scary.
I'd recemented getting a bunch of thick gasket paper for between the cylinder and case. I had to use three gaskets to get the squish correct which is probably the equivalent of like 6 normal gaskets lol.

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5 of 5 Solid Kit May 13, 2019
taco eater : Andy from Detroit, MI United States  
Super affordable and stacked transfers! what more can you ask for!

I was able to hit 65mph on my magnum on this kit with no port work, just other engine tricks!

If you can figure out how to seal up the massive transfers, I highly suggest this kit for thrashing! And if you seize it, no biggie!

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5 of 5 Tomos A55 August 21, 2016
taco eater : MSG from Los Angeles, CA United States  
21mm Dellorto, case matched, 61.9 mph, 28T Front 20T Rear on an Eagle III

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5 of 5 best big boy pp kit for puch/derbi May 31, 2016
taco eater : jackerz from napa, CA United States  
supper solid and ripin kit and comes with a MATCHING  head! i don't have to make a crazy decision like what head am i going to get with my favorite kit? i like to use a vm20 or a 19 del race with a 38 idle on this big boy. heck, spray it black and tell  everyone it's a metra but save the extra $100.. yeha..

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5 of 5 Used on a piston-ported Derbi! December 27, 2014
taco eater : Robert Smiley from Fountain Valley, CA United States  
I bought the $99 one on special that was missing the head which I would have chucked anyway. I had been running a Gila 47mm giamt-reed but was disappointed in the bottom end. This one is a stump puller yet has the same top end as the Gila! Of note you DO need to shorten the piston or bore your case out for piston-only bottom clearance. I'm running a Delorto 16.16 SHA with a home made manifold and hollowed out stock Derbi RD-50 exhaust. Update: I actually used the flat exhaust version but it shouldn't make any difference if used on a Derbi PP because you're 'gonna have to make up the exhaust header anyway.

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