puch 70cc 45mm treat KIT for the people - version I
puch 70cc cylinder treat kit



7 port puch 70cc 45mm cylinder kit including cylinder, piston, ring, wrist pin and clips

classic and one of the raddest puch kits ever, solid easy and just rips!!!

aluminum cylinder with nikasil lining!!

comes with all gaskets as seen in the photo! here are some gaskets if you need more

no intake or exhaust studs, get some studs here!

pair ideally with a 70cc hi compression head

here are some intakes for this kit

here is the replacement piston or replacement ring if ya need it

for the people! version I - if you're into the original - the first

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Cheap Noisy kit that lets you blasssssttt! April 29, 2019
taco eater : Corn from MN  
Sounds bad. Like the ring is about to explode. But it runs great and wont quit. I guess you just gotta deal with it.

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Notes from the battlefield March 9, 2018
taco eater : Jonathan Feldman from Portland, OR United States  
Dude below me sorta killed the game but I still have some things I wanna throw out there.

- Cylinder according to MA has a 153 degree exh port duration. This is 100% a true statement when paired with a normal base gasket ( .5mm ). However with this base gasket the exh port isn't FULLY exposed. ( as noted below ). You essentially have two roads to take. 1. FUCK IT. run than bitch or 2. Properly space it out. 9 / 10 people go with the first option and usually it works out fine.

I have mine with the stock base gasket / low comp 70 head and it's perfect. However, remember if you choose to space it out and be correct. Your squish is gonna be a lot different. You might be lookin at a countersunk head? I dunno man.


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Learn on this August 7, 2017
taco eater : Birdman from Michigan  
Durable. Mid 40's all day, peaks at 50 downhill. 17x36, Proma Circuit, Treats (K-Star) 70cc hi-comp head. 15mm bing, 74 jet.

In order to achieve proper compression and a 1.243mm squish, used 2x .2794mm Karropak material for the base and no head gasket. This brings the piston 1mm above the exhaust port floor which is not desirable, but I assure you it is much more powerful this way than if you use a thick base gasket (from experimenting). I imagine you could use the included gasket without problem. I also think you could possibly use the '70cc hi-hi' comp head with a slightly thicker base and achieve a squish that would tickle your pickle.

When I used thick base gaskets with this with a 50cc hi-hi comp head, I had to run it severely advanced to get any power out of it and stop the detonation. Now that the base is thin and I use a 70cc hi comp head, 18' timing is spot-on with no detonation. Rock solid 340-360'F WOT all day arryday.

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all this and more! June 11, 2015
taco eater : scott mcmullen from blue jay, CA United States  
I ordered the 70cc Treats kit and I got That and the other things I ordered and I also received a mystery casette tape and a vcr tape of one of the greatest movies ever!!! Road trip! Oh yeah and this kit hauls ass! Treats Kicks Ass!! Bitches be tripping if they buy from elsewhere! My loyalty is to the Kingdom of Treatsland!

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Perfect first kit for me June 30, 2014
taco eater : richie from boston  
Good gains. Paired it with a 15mm bing/intake. Big gain in the low end - I can take off without having to kick my legs! Just grab some M6 bolts and you're set to slap it. Gaskets matched up real well too, and the piston was already in the cylinder so that was nice!
The kit has been on for about a week now and I've put ~150 miles on it. Waiting to hit 300 miles before I downjet a size, then I'll wait another 50 or so to go WOT and find a tentative top speed.

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