puch 70cc 45mm reed valve kit especiale
puch 70cc reed valve kit especiale



true 45mm 70cc reed valve cylinder for puch, whatttttt? for now you get to make up intakes n have fun, lots of it. especiale for fun. really. flat exhaust port for instant puch compatibility, hack away dremel away at the ports if you feel like it and watch your budget for treats of the edible sort increase as thee power of your moped increases, constantly inconstant equation using neuro fuzzy logic (power + cheeeeeep + fun=happy bellly) treats gang gang out to get to the treats faster.

total compatibility with puch polini, tomos, and 103 reed blocks and reeds, alll the intakes will bolt right on and some will shoot in crazy directions, lotsa did I mention...fun? to be had

this kit uses the peugeot style reed block. the polini reed works, and so do others like the airsal and more...

here are some intakes that bolt right onto this kit

if youre still just wanting more somehow you can bolt on either:

malossi 4 petal reed block and some intakes for this setup


two petal reed block or the discount disco reed block and some intakes for this one


kit includes everything shown in all the pictures! gaskets! piston! rings! clips! wrist pin! cylinder! wow!

extra rings and pistons available!

treat out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! edition 1 in a line of hundreds

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5 of 5 Sickk December 14, 2020
taco eater : Matthew Mulligan from terryville, CT United States  
Didn’t have the exhaust port clearance issue everyone else had. Maybe a new batch? My exhaust port was actually a bit higher than the piston at bdc and needed to be lowered.

Check my review on “puch 70cc absolute treat party supreme“ for other details.

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5 of 5 Something's changed November 18, 2017
taco eater : Wesley Brown from Austin, TX United States  
I ran 2 of these kits for over 1000 miles a piece with no issue but the last two I've bought have puked wrist pin clips into the cylinder.

I've checked positioning on both, maybe they're using new wrist pin clips now?

edit treats : nothing has changed at all! if the wrist pin clips are consistently causing you issues maybe try some of the malossi or polini ones.

edit wes: Just an update on this, I knew something had to be different between the previous builds I've  done and this one.  I looked through my orders and it ends up I used a wider needle bearing on the piston side.  

I ordered a 12 x 15 x 16.3 bearing and have been running this kit successfully for the past year.  Just a heads up that the piston opening for the connecting rod is wider than stock and as such, don't use either a stock bearing or the one that comes with a crank as it'll walk, unbalance your piston and you'll be puking piston rings for days.

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5 of 5 What size bolts for the intake? August 4, 2017
taco eater : Nicholas Colaianne from Grand Rapids, MI United States  
I wanna ride! but the metric bolts I had didn't fit...

Looks like a good quality casting, and went on nice and pretty.  My cali sidebleed doesn't fit perfectly but it's close.

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4 of 5 5 years strong July 26, 2017
taco eater : Ismael Canas from Imperial Beach, CA United States  
This is a really great kit to learn on. I've been running it since 2012. Made tons of mistakes, learned a lot, and it keeps on running. It's as close as you can get to seize-proof. Definitely convert the piston to run clip-less wrist pin clips, it takes maybe 2 minutes.

Current setup:
Vm20 170 & 17.5
Weak-ends pipe from 2012
Malossi 4 petal
Counter-sunk head @ 1mm squish
Treatmetric Clutch w/ light springs
Timed 18deg BTDC

Hits 60mph regularly, fastest was 63.7. Gearing better would help, but the low end is nice. Takes a little to get there but it's a heavy ass magnum.

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2 of 5 Echoing the same concern May 5, 2017
taco eater : Boogaloo from Omaha, NE  
These kits are great!... until you a circlip destroys your cylinder. Ive purchased two of these kits in the past year, both have blown up due to this malfunction. Definitely not user installation, both times, the clips were installed in the correct position. So yeah man, this obviously isn't a controlled issue. Maybe include some better clips? I dunno. Breathe in, Breathe out, throw in garbage.

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