puch malossi 62cc kit
puch malossi 62cc kit



rad malossi aluminum kit for puch

look at that! by geeze man. the quality on this kit is outstanding, for the love of ja, it's made by malossi!

cylinder, piston, ring, wrist pin, clips, gaskets, and maybe stickers.

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suprisingly fast September 29, 2017
taco eater : Will C from san francisco, CA United States  
this kit is really quite fast. i pulled one off a euro motor a few years ago and finally got around to running it. god knows how many miles are on it but a quick hone, new ring and some janky filing of a dent in the piston and the kit is ripping pleasantly.

running mine with an estoril, 70cc old style head, 15 bing clone, 14 intake and a stock airbox. with stock gearing it goes like 45 and gets there quick!

if you want a bulletproof kit that's super easy to setup with no case matching required (n u got a lil extra $$ to drop) then seriously consider this kit

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stussy man April 10, 2016
taco eater : Anonymous Person  
This is a nice kit, I'm rippin very hard with a 15mm bing with 70jet and my stock head and a pipe, got a new clutch but really isn't necessary,

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Easy Street June 19, 2015
taco eater : Chinatown Kicks from Boston, MA  
Graham lays it out in his review.  The kit is expensive, but the quality is high and with a Bing 15 and MLM pipe it got me to 42mph right out of the box with no modifications.  The bottom fins are pretty close to the exhaust studs, so grab a few coupling nuts in case your socket doesn't fit.

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The 'girlfriend' kit April 2, 2014
taco eater : Graham Motzing from Austin, TX United States  
This is the perfect kit for that 'stock plus' puch. The quality is fantastic, slap-on ready, the porting is very good for a nice fat torquey powerband and the tuning is very robust and predictable.

If you want to build a bike for your girlfriend that is going to go 40-45 mph, start first kick every time, and get out of the hole quickly, the premium price of this is money well spent.

combine with a Proma GP for the most torque, the estoril for good midrange and even the Boss (cant believe i'm saying this) is a very tolerable pipe on this kit because you have enough torque to get the boss into its powerband, unlike the TCCD's and Kstars

4 stars because the price is pretty high compared to similar kits...but for the 'total cost installed' you can have a very nice running bike with nothing more than a 14 bing and a boss pipe.

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decent kit, piston skirt needs to be trimmed May 23, 2010
taco eater : m park from Somerville, MA United States  
this is a high quality italian kit.  ports are small and limiting, but for a stockish setup, this would be fine.  for a za50 (not sure about e50) the piston skirt hits the crank case at btdc.  so extra dremeling for this is recommended.  run this with a needled carb (bing 15 or phbg) as sha is not great with this setup (rich at idle, lean at wot).

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