puch reed kit, tomos 45mm, & athena puch reed kits 45mm 70cc replacement piston
puch reed 45mm 70cc replacement piston



70cc 45mm dual ring replacement piston for the new puch reed valve kit, athena 45mm kits and the tomos 45mm alukit

yay get a replacement when ya need one!!!

the wrist pin is 35mm long! just in case...

the spacing for the needle bearing is 17mm! just in case...

25mm piston height (center of wrist pin to top)
50mm total length

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3 of 5 piston disintegrated September 17, 2022
taco eater : John Poulin from LEWISTON, ME United States  
work good for 700miles then blow costing me  to get a there new topend i had a new setting i put it to gathere now i have to get a there 200 topend

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5 of 5 For non-AJH Athena too! September 9, 2011
taco eater : M a r k from Somerville  
Yep. And the piston that the Athena comes with is wrong anyway. Use this one instead, ya dummies.

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5 of 5 AJH Piston June 20, 2010
taco eater : Bill Murrow from Fawn Grove, PA United States  
I was the first to try this piston in my AJH. The Supreme Commander himself didn't know if these would work in the AJH. Hmmm...neither did I at the time but from the pix it looked like the right one. Almost a year later with 4,000 miles on it we're still blasting.
No mods required, pop it in n rip...yay!

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4 of 5 AJH Lifesaver!! May 30, 2010
taco eater : Maxwell Shapiro from Los Angeles, CA United States  
Spent a long time looking for a new AJH piston... thank goodness this came along!

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