polini PHBG 2 petal reed block intake

polini phbg reed intake


reed block intake by polini for peugeot 103. or upgrade your puch polini kit to four petal action and rip off away. ALSO mod onto your tomos, use lots of hose clamps and bent metal and make it work.

works with dellorto PHBG carburetors 15mm - 21mm in range

can be used with rubber mount or clamp style dellorto carbs no probs either way, just check your application and get the right carb. I think these come setup with the mid to lo rpm thickness reeds


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1 of 5 fell apart May 8, 2013
taco eater : Phil from apk  
reed cage worked good for about two miles on a 70cc tomos. Hauled ass to. Shitty craftsmanship Little rivets came loose.The whole thing fell apart. Pretty sad. Next time ill buy a mallossi. Expected more out of polini

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4 of 5 does not fit tomos easily, unless youre Polini'd April 29, 2010
taco eater : matt Vassallo from Largo, FL United States  
it's really difficult to make this fit on a tomos if youre running a stock a35 cylinder or an alukit or airsal kit.  not only that, but those kits suck for high rpm, so when you do do it, you wont blast faster.

however, the rip rips use polinis exclusively, and let me tell you.   tomos + polini + 4 petal + simonini = 60+ all day every day.  win.

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