malossi PHBG 4 petal reed block intake
malossi phbg 4 petal reed intake block - 20 6436


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dreamy 4 petal malossi reed valve intake for raw power, carbon reeds no less. mates with dellorto PHBG carburetors. these fit on puch polinis facing forwards only and you'll have to hack some fins off both the polini and head, as well as use a shorter version of the included allen bolts. fits on peugeot 103, garelli NOI malossi 62 kit, but if you want to use this on MBK av10 you need a special adaptor. use on tomos A35 kits and now on the new puch reed kit! dellorto clamp style carbs clamp perfectly on to the intake or you can use the rubber mount if you prefer. in short, sick sick sick.

the bolts this comes with are not the right length for all applications, make sure you are prepared with other lengths or ready to cut some length off them in order to get everything to seat perfecto.

this is an actual 4 petal, the similar polini version has two large petals, while this has 4 petals, 2 to a side. this one is often preferred as the reeds on the polini are riveted on, while the malossi uses screws so you can change the reeds easily to different thicknesses for better low or hi rpm performance.

here are some measurements for all the mods and hackers and people out there..

19mm ID
BR>where the intake bolts to the cylinder:

from center of hole to center of hole dimensions: 39mm x 35mm
there is a bump (ridge) on the intake where it sits on the cylinder, so the dimensions of the width of the bottom of intake and length minus the bump (ridge): 44m x 52mm and the total with the bump: 44mm x 58mm

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4 of 5 Running on treats reed kit especiale December 14, 2020
taco eater : Matthew Mulligan from terryville, CT United States  
Created a big step in the intake tract. I felt it was causing turbulence, so I filled with jb weld and smoothed it out. *Disclaimer:doing so made the reed block and cylinder one piece* you can do it without gluing them together but that was easiest. Did a bunch of other stuff when I filled the step so I can’t really confidently comment on what specifically that changed for me. With all other things i did though, I gained acceleration and throttle response is much crisper. Read my review on the “puch 70cc absolute treat party supreme” if you want to see what else I did.

4 stars because of the step and one reed chipped a corner at 350, may have been a fluke but I’d keep an eye on them.

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5 of 5 Yeah buddy September 25, 2017
taco eater : Dirk Garr from Santee, CA United States  
Dropping panties all over town now. Had no idea these peds were such chick magnets. Who knew?

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5 of 5 Review November 3, 2016
taco eater : Countryobtunning from Princeton , MA United States  
Okay, the chrome fasteners are awesome and the block is sweet just make sure you chase the threads before installing. it will make hand-threading very easy & and the chance of dropping a fastener or tool in the intake less avoidable! Make sure that your piston is in the closed position...just incase ur a really butter finger ( I actually saved my ass one time!).

If your running treats reed kit go with this set up, The intake box was designed with the reed block in mind so no more clearance issues. unlike flat reeds style blocks that bolt right on the cylinder and have gaskets & casing issues with Rubbing and clearance.

Gained back some Good bottom end, I was at a double stop sign on a hill 16x40 gearing no issues, total ripper and reliable

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2 of 5 Bummer November 2, 2016
taco eater : Michael V from Dayton, OH United States  
I have bought these before, and they came awesome quality and worked perfect. Bought one a few weeks ago and it was almost clone-style. Casting was awful, had to dremel the outside to fit on my 103 because the casting has a huge lip. Then one of the bolt holes wasn't tapped all the way. Hand tapped that one, and then one of the top ones stripped while I was hand tightening the Allen. Darn! Also the cleaning surface for my carb was out of round. No seal there :( Now my bike sits in the corner looking sad until I can afford another one.

This is a malossi problem, not a treats problem. Treats rules!

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3 of 5 Peugeot 103 October 21, 2016
taco eater : PuchBos from Boston, MA  
Put this sucker on my 103.  I needed to replace 4 screws because they were too long, bottoming out in the case.  Also with stock cases and stock spring, the intake hits the end of the stock spring where the spring stop is bolted to the swingarm.  Going to try to dremel it out and get it to clear so the engine swings fully again, now it stops at half variation.

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