treats honda hobbit variator paRtY! - 32 - 36 plate
Treats variator paRtY! -  32° - 36° plate



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

Is this real? Are the stories true? Can hobbits be even better? YES YES YES. New for 2022, the treats official variator for Honda Hobbit!

We took everything we love about variators, then went to the kitchen to devise a devilish concoction. We ended up getting lost for 2.5 years (The kitchen is pretty big okay!!) but when we emerged, we had created the tastiest, quickest, test proven variator in all the land.

We've tested everything from bone stock hobbits to fully built 70mph+ bikes and seen improvements through the wholeee scale!

Lets look at what this thing is all about!
-Uses common 16x13 rollers.
-multiple ramp plate options with PROGRESSIVE ramp angles.
-Radially symmetrical ramps allow for use of 2, 3, 4, or 6 rollers! (holy smokes)
-optimized diameter and cheek angles to push the Treats Hobbit belt to the tippy top!
-heat sinks and holes for chill vibes only.

Here are Andy's Hot Tuning tips
-Use the 30-38 ramp for most all stock to mildly wild setups! its easy to setup and has lots of low end
-Use the 32-36 to get a little bit more top end, this is good for real torquey motors. Its a hair harder to tune on the top end, but that's dancin' with the devil innit?
-Use the 40 ramp for experimenting and wacky setups! we found the progressive ramps to work better for regular bikes so use these only if you are insane like Jbot. Thanks bud for all your help and chaos! Most people will have zero use for the 40 so don't buy it unless you want to experiment or grind it up and make your own angels. or angles.
-12g total roller weight is a good starting point for lots o bikes
-Use the PA50 x-treme racing clutch bell to push the belt even further and get smoother transitions!
-Variator guides fit TIGHT, don't be a whiney whiner. ride your moped (?) and wow they loosen up to perfecto. or file to your liking.. but just don't whine.

-please note, this variator/these ramp plates are not for derbi. they fit hobbit, pa50, camino, but not derbi. hold tight for derbi time.

Replacement Parts

Ramp Guides
Bushing 1 or Bushing 2
Variator Base
30-38 Ramp / 32-36 Ramp / 40 Ramp
16x13 Roller Weights

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