honda hobbit pa50 camino x-treme racing clutch bell
honda hobbit pa50 x-treme racing clutch bell


honda hobbit PA50 camino X-TREME super racing clutch bell!! designed by racers, for racers. featuring tons of improvements over the stock bell!

-lighter than stock for better acceleration and less stress on the crank
-CNC machined of harder and stronger steel
-perfecto balanced circular motions go around and around
-heat sinks around the outside to disperse belt and clutch heat
-More variator nut threading for running thicc NUTz or spacing the ramp plate for DEEPER belt ratios! (BX40 belt users rejoice!)
-dark black metal coating

this bell is NUDE meaning there are no clutch bell spacers, starter shoes or bearings installed.

you can go one way bearing style OR normal bearing style with starter shoes (boring).

one way bearing types need - 6001RS bearing, clutch bushing, circlip, and one way bearing. or you can just reuse your existing parts if ya want.

lovers of starter shoes need - 6001RS bearing, clutch bushing, circlip, starter shoe posts, and normal bearing. or you can just reuse your existing parts if ya want EXCEPT THE STARTER SHOE POSTS. you will need our starter shoe posts since the stock ones are not reusable. yes, the one way bushing with normal bearing works great in this set up with starter shoes too.. weird right. why do they call it one way then? why do we have a livestream of jose sorting bing jets? idk

xtreme bell: 823g loaded up with starter shoes
oem bell: 1073g loaded up with starter shoes

even on stock you will see improvements, however ultimately this is just one part of the full treat hobbit transmission system. if you're lookin to collect them all start here and the contra support and await the new goodies that appear over the coming months. These two pieces are released first since they do work great with all other existing stock components including all known variators. To make the most of the new parts coming and release their full potential you will need this and the contra support.

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5 of 5 whoa! March 13, 2021
taco eater : Hobbit Master Pike from SARASOTA, FL United States  
OK yeah so uh holy guacamole this is one bad mama jamma. I chose to run it with the starter clutch and still like WoW man!!! Had to clearance the I.D. of the TjT variator just a lil bit to get it to slide onto this thing. The fit is probably still a lil gutentite(german for virgin) so I might clearance it with some sand paper a lil more. The bike accelerates faster than before by a good amount. Im very pleased with the performance and look of this clutch bell. Glad I have the contra support! I'm afraid that without it the rear pulley would be ripped off the bike!

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5 of 5 Badass clutch bell that comes with NODDLES! February 23, 2021
taco eater : Jake Rogers from Sandwich, MA United States  
I just bought this clutch and god I love it already, it’s light and everything fits perfectly, I went with the two way bearing set-up as I want to use the classics starting pads with the pedals, and plus I’m going to be riding around bad and forth to work and just for joy rides so I needed a bearing that would last me, but the best part about this clutch arriving in the mail is that I GOT FREE NOODLES!!🤣🤣 is to amazing!    

I do recommend though if you want the full treatland clutch system to would get the TJT variator as well!

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5 of 5 Best bell ever February 10, 2021
taco eater : JBOT from El Cerrito, CA United States  
The steep oversized fixed cheek for ripping acceleration and grippy coating and belt grabbing holes makes this best friggin bell you could ever get. Seriously. Trust me.
Fast and furious for real

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