TJT variator replacement PERMAGLIDE bushing - version 2
TJT variator replacement PERMAGLIDE bushing - version 2


replacement permaglide lined bushing for the TJT variator! looks like this is a direct replacement for the bushing in the stock 3 roller as well.

version 2 features a slightly different bushing design. maybe this is sicker than the other one?

the original bronze bushings wear out and get sloppy so you can press it out and get one of these to bring it back to new again!

this one is permaglide lined for lower friction and smoother variation! racers this is what ya want!

INA made in ITALY!!

34mm OD
30mm ID
20mm wide

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5 of 5 Smooth! Unlike a marriage May 19, 2021
taco eater : Andy from Around  
Okay, it’s easy to fall in love and get excited and get all built up for that big wedding day and slip the ring smoothly on his/her/their hand. Well years go by and inner emotions come out and hands get pudger, and one day. That ring just won’t slip off the hand so easy anymore, even through the divorce.

This bushing is unlike a marriage, it operates smoothly over the boss of your bell for as long as you can handle your HOT ride!

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