Stage6 R/T mk1 70cc cylinder kit - Peugeot 103
Stage6 R/T mk1 70cc cylinder kit - Peugeot 103

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complete Stage 6 "mk1" 70cc cylinder kit for 103 malossi cases (not included in this listing)!!! that's right, 20+ hp out of the box with bolt on stage 6 components...high 20's with proper tuning, port adjusting and guru mastery. get ready to break ummm the speed of light barrier. and a lot of other things.

custom designed base plate allows the stage 6 cylinder to bolt directly to 103 malossi cases, and work with your standard peugeot performance crankshafts, with only minor case matching. that's right, it all flows perfectly right into the massive peugeot malossi side and top transfer ports. a second, aluminum spigot for the cylinder is included (the original application has the water flow from the head through the cylinder then through the bottom of the case and out). so ya get the kit, the adapter plate, and the additional inlet / outlet spigot. DOES NOT INCLUDE anything else!

the cases WILL NEED TO BE OPENED UP!! that's right, the sleeve is big (58mm OD), so you need to mill or drum sand the crankcase opening out to fit. very easy though as the skirt does not protrude very far into the case. an additional wrinkle present in this adapter and not the hobbit stage 6 kit for those of you who are familiar, is the cylinder itself will also need to be dremelled to clear the larger heads of the M7 allen bolts that bolt the spacer to the cases in place of traditional cylinder studs. you can lathe down the heads on regular M7 allens to reduce the amount of grinding needed on such a primo cylinder, or we have these M7x25 allens which already have relatively small heads for their size, but need the integrated washers removed to allow the cylinder to sit flush on the spacer and seal the o-rings correctly. also, you will need to open up 103 malossi base gaskets with a modeling knife to get them to work with the larger biggie. on that note, to achieve your desired final squish you can change out your base gaskets, though the spacer is designed to achieve a 1mm squish band with the included head insert and a 1mm thick base gasket, so that's pretty easy to remember! for you knowledge seekers out there, much of this is covered in andy and lee's build thread for the prototype.

also remember, this will require custom fabrication for exhausts! in our builds, we've taken the included 3 bolt exhaust flange from the kit and cut it at a 15 degree angle to compensate for the fact that the stage 6 cylinder has a flat exhaust port while traditional peugeot cylinders have an angled one, then welded an appropriate ball joint for our pipe to the flange. For this, MBK ball joints like the 32mm ninja or 32mm doppler have actually proven easier to work with than ball joints intended for peugeot since you do not need to grind away the weld and press the ball joint out of a flange. the real tech for this would be a parallelogram setup to eliminate the need for a ball joint entirely, and hey, if you're enough of a hacker to run this kit, you can probably figure that out too!

The special adapter plate bolts to the engine case, the cylinder is mounted via external bolts so that there are no bolts cutting through the cylinder; this new design opens up all kinds of options for tuners to modify and optimize their engine (porting) without being subject to the usual restrictions. A Viton O-ring seal between adapter plate and cylinder makes future readjustments unnecessary.

Regarding performance, the Stage6 R/T 70cc Cylinder Kit MKI Piaggio NRG / Runner reaches 20 to 22hp and can easily be placed among the top 70cc high-end racing kits on the market. The thermal properties are excellent - the combustion chamber is bolted to the cylinder at five points, each coming with its own cooling pocket. These highly critical areas are thus stabilized and the risk of piston seizure is minimized.

The exhaust flange is attached with 3 bolts and has a 32mm OD. It is suitable for Stage6 R/T exhausts, other flange types are available.

Includes : cylinder with head, adapter plate, additional inlet / outlet spigot

47.6mm diameter bore
12mm wrist pin

please use the best ya can find 12 x 15 x 16.3 needle bearings and these bidalot approved spark plugs

of course this one is for TRACK use only

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