peugeot 103 malossi reed valve engine case
peugeot moped malossi engine case




fully ported huge intaked race case for peugeot mopeds. comes in a lovely shrink wrapped malossi pack with tons of bolts, intake, washers, variator backing plate, case bolts, etc. matches the malossi 70cc water cooled and air cooled kits perfecto, with an intake many times the size of stock. impressive! also includes the malossi VL6 reed block with stuffer!

tomahawk says he prefers these studs for this case. So I would trust him and get them.

careful there are fake versions of this out there.. if you don't get the variator cover plate, you do receive a spring, if you get two intakes, if the reeds don't say malossi, if it isn't in the new malossi box.. uh oh you got sold a fake dude! the casting may even say its malossi.. but don't be tricked!

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5 of 5 You need THIS December 13, 2012
taco eater : Aaron Fogg (The Pushers) from Memphis, TN United States  
High quality and yeah huge transfers with plenty of meat left for more. It does not come with the spi seal cover so you have to steal that from your tiny stock cases.

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5 of 5 Amazing transfers and casting! October 5, 2009
taco eater : joshua turd jones from seattle, WA United States  
So I have been running this case for about 1 year now. The transfers are huge and if your a hacker you can open em up a little more! Super amazingly huge reed block and intake. Splitting the case is as easy as it is to slap it together.  I have had mine apart 2 times now and it is amazingly sturdy. Did I mention the HUGE transfers?

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