stage 6 adapter plate for peugeot 103
stage 6 adapter plate for peugeot 103



custom designed base plate allows the stage 6 cylinder to bolt directly to 103 malossi cases!

SAVE CASH and buy the parties ... HERE with stage 6 kit, or HERE with kit and malossi case!

these M7x25 bolts work quite well for securing this spacer to your cases in place of normal studs as long as you remove the washers.

the malossi cases WILL NEED TO BE OPENED UP to accept the oversize 58mm OD cylinder skirt. you need to mill or drum sand the crankcase opening out to fit AND you will need to dremel the cylinder itself in order to clear the larger heads of the M7 allen bolts.

for more info, check out our resident wizard andy's thread on the creation of this incredible piece of moped magic!

this will ONLY work with the 103 malossi cases.

more info to come soon from resident 103 wizard calder, actually find that info in the links to the parties above!

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