Stage6 R/T mk1 70cc cylinder kit - HONDA HOBBIT
Stage6 R/T mk1 70cc cylinder kit - HONDA HOBBIT

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complete Stage 6 "mk1" 70cc cylinder kit for HONDA HOBBIT!!! that's right, 20+ hp out of the box with bolt on stage 6 components...high 20's with proper tuning, port adjusting and guru mastery. get ready to break ummm the speed of light barrier. and a lot of other things.

custom designed base plate allows the stage 6 cylinder to bolt directly to hobbit cases, with no case matching necessary at all. that's right, it all flows perfectly right into the stock (but massive) honda hobbit side and top transfer ports. a second, aluminum spigot for the cylinder is included (the original application has the water flow from the head through the cylinder then through the bottom of the case and out). last but not least a 12mm super stuffy crank is included to allow ya to able to do the whole thing ya know. so ya get the kit, the crank, the adapter plate, and the additional inlet / outlet spigot. DOES NOT INCLUDE anything else!

the cases WILL NEED TO BE OPENED UP!! that's right, the sleeve is big (58mm OD), so you need to mill or drum sand the crankcase opening out to fit. very easy though as the skirt does not protrude very far into the case. like half the work of doing e50 cases for a gila. also, you will need to open up hobbit base gaskets with a modeling knife to get them to work with the larger biggie. also on that note, to achieve your desired final squish you will need to use hobbit base gaskets. the spacer is currently set up to have a squish of 0.80mm while using all of the stage 6 o-rings and one oem hobbit base gasket.

also remember, this will require custom fabrication for exhausts (though the minarelli horizontal stage 6 exhaust apparently almost bolt up perfectly!) and other custom fab. this is a pro series kit...serious gurus ONLY. seriously!! i built one and am too scared to run it!!

The special adapter plate bolts to the engine case, the cylinder is mounted via external bolts so that there are no bolts cutting through the cylinder; this new design opens up all kinds of options for tuners to modify and optimize their engine (porting) without being subject to the usual restrictions. A Viton O-ring seal between adapter plate and cylinder makes future readjustments unnecessary.

Regarding performance, the Stage6 R/T 70cc Cylinder Kit MKI Piaggio NRG / Runner reaches 20 to 22hp and can easily be placed among the top 70cc high-end racing kits on the market. The thermal properties are excellent - the combustion chamber is bolted to the cylinder at five points, each coming with its own cooling pocket. These highly critical areas are thus stabilized and the risk of piston seizure is minimized.

The exhaust flange is attached with 3 bolts. It is suitable for Stage6 R/T exhausts, other flange types are available.

Includes : cylinder with head, adapter plate, & crankshaft

47.6mm diameter bore
39mm stroke
12mm wrist pin
80mm con rod length

please use the best ya can find 12 x 16 x XXX needle bearings

of course this one is for TRACK use only

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5 of 5 Extreme quality-Extreme performance!!! November 6, 2023
taco eater : Nick K from Syracuse, NY United States  
Just hit the 1100mile mark on my stage 6 build. Everything looked perfect upon engine disassembly. Very high quality materials used in this kit. I'm feeding it with a 24mm polini cp and it's great around town or at the track. Absolutely beastly power and water temps are always below 170f. Highly highly recommend this kit if you want to build a reliable Honda Hobbit rocketship.

update -2500 miles and it's still a hot spicy nightmare machine.

Update - 3800 miles, still running the original cylinder/piston. Couldn't be happier with this thing.

Here's a video of me traveling nearly 80mph with both feet on the pedals.....

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5 of 5 And I thought I was so smart... May 22, 2020
taco eater : Ryan from North Seattle  
I grafted this same kit on to my PA 50. I used the Piaggio base plate and a bunch of jbweld to seal the plate/spacers.  Here I thought I was such a wizard for piecing together the parts and spacers to this kit to work, and Treatland comes along with the same idea only with a proper bolt on Plate, crank and the spigot all in one kit?!? You guys are lucky!


I got new a new case and this time I used the Treatland base plate that they include in this kit.  Waaaay better setup with no JB weld this time!!  If you are running this kit, you should pick up their rear variator support/bearing kit as well cause you kinda need it unless you are gonna just baby the throttle all the time. (as if!)

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5 of 5 Dumb Fast September 11, 2019
taco eater : Andy from Detroit  
This setup is insane! It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. This is a super high RPM kit, meaning get that clutch stall as high as possible.

It makes decent power until 6k-7k and then explodes into a hot wild mess of power. I’m currently revving out to 14,500 rpm and it’s smooth as butter all the way up.

This is not an easy kit to setup and tune!!! But very rewarding when done right. I’ve run it side by side with a 70cc Metrakit hobbit and there’s no competition.

Do you want the best you can get? Here you go. 1 and done. You will legit be afraid of your moped.

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