vespa BRAVO tire party pak in 2.25-16
vespa BRAVO tire party pak in 2.25-16


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

a bravo tire party without bravado, wait what? we have been wordsmithing, and a it means a false sense of courage (we didnt know, maybe you did?). well, no longer will you have that feeling when your vespa bravo has brand new sava skins slapped on the rims! in the original size, fits under fenders, looks n performs rad!!

comes with...

- TWO sava MC2 tires in 16 x 2.25
- TWO 16 x 2.00/2.25 tubes!
- TWO rim strips to line your rim!

16" rim diameter
2.25" width

and in typical treatland fashion we bring you this party at the lowest possible price so you still have money for burritos, brews, soda, sour beer, body jewelry, tanning supplies...

tis ones's gonna be fun!!!!! see you there

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