more expensive moped inner tube
more expensive moped inner tube

inner tube size

an inner tube for mopeds that's more expensive than the other ones we have. could be that these are a little better in quality, but who am i to say?
try using tire bead cream to install tires way easier!!!
puch, peugeot, motobecane, sachs, vespa, piaggio, honda, tomos, minarelli, garelli, derbi. . .

whoaaa whoaa !! tubes for yamaha chappy and lambretta now!

looking for an even BEEFIER tube? here are the HEAVY DUTY TUBES we carry in 17 x 2.25/2.50 !! these are almost twice as thick. incredible!

sizes we carry at the moment: if they're not in the drop down menu, that means we're out of stock, so you gotta wait a day or two

** ATTN these tubes do not ever come "defective" so when you pop them because you don't know how to install a tube don't bother trying to email and blame the tube. operator error i believe it is called.**

for tomos 233457, no problemo, grab any 14 x 2.5in tube!
for tomos 243495, no problemo, grab any 14 x 3.00in tube!
for tomos 232762, no problem. grab any 16 x 3.25in tube!
for tomos 243492, no problemo, grab any 17 x 2.5in tube!

want a size we don't have? no problem. send us a special order request here. we can have it for you in a day or two.

check out this rad section taken out of the puch service manual telling you how to correctly install tires so you dont pop your new tubes!!!! so awesome!!

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5 of 5 Pinched 'em, still work September 3, 2021
taco eater : Puch Maxi sport mkii from MA United States  
Pinched 'em near the valve, didn't notice, inflated to 35 psi, bead wasn't seated right, deflated, re-inflated; still no good, hit the tire with a 17mm wrench, still not seated, deflated completely, took a look, OOPS(!), bit of tube stuck between tire bead and wheel, stuck the tube back under the tire, inflated, holds air no leaks works fine! Guessing you won't have as much careful out there.

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5 of 5 Good and thick July 28, 2020
taco eater : Jim from Lincoln, NE  
Pulled the original tubes from 78 off my Maxi, wrapped the rim with 3 layers of electrical tape and slapped these guys on with a new set of tires. After a month of riding I've had no flats. They seem to hold pressure very well and are heavier (re: thicker) than I thought they'd be. Good quality. I'll be using these again when I need more.

I bought the 17" 2.00 / 2.25 for my 17x2.25 rims.

Edit: several years later and these tubes are still holding up great! And these are on a moped I ride almost daily.

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5 of 5 yes August 13, 2019
taco eater : Drake Abrahamsson from San Clemente, CA United States  
the valve stem is so nice. details man, details

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5 of 5 not much to say other than amazing July 3, 2018
taco eater : Jeff from Nashville, TN United States  
If you're considering these, you won't be disappointed.

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5 of 5 Good quality May 31, 2018
taco eater : Michael Malvo from Kirtland, OH United States  
Love the valve stems, going on 2,000 miles and 2 years with absolutely no leaks.

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