value moped inner tube
value moped inner tube

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inner tube for mopeds! puch, peugeot, motobecane, sachs, vespa, piaggio, honda, tomos, minarelli, garelli, derbi. . .

** ATTN these tubes do not ever come "defective" so when you pop them because you don't know how to install a tube don't bother trying to email and blame the tube. operator error i believe it is called.**

we currently carry only a few sizes! but they are the important ones !

pick your size, if there's nothing there, that means we're out.

looking for an even BEEFIER tube? here are the HEAVY DUTY TUBES we carry in 17 x 2.25/2.50 !!

try using tire bead cream to install tires way easier!!!

check out this rad section taken out of the puch service manual telling you how to correctly install tires so you dont pop your new tubes!!!! so awesome!!

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4 of 5 These fucking tubes - 17 x 2.5 September 13, 2018
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
It's hard to tell what size tubes the other people are reviewing but I have tried to install 4 of the 17x2.5 tubes and have pinch/punctured every damn one. I'm not a god damn idiot I just swear they are too big or sticky or some shit.

I give them 2 taco cause they are thicc af and would probably be good heavy ass bulletproof tubes. But holy shit fuck these things I suck

Update: I am just a giant tard and was not good enough to put them thiccboi tubes on. Just grease em up with some soupy water and make sure your stupid sharpass tire irons don't get all bitey like your mom does when you don't let her play Time Crisis 2 at the mall with all her mall rat friends.

-1 taco for difficulty

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5 of 5 Pool Floaty December 29, 2017
taco eater : VGMC from Ventura, CA United States  
Don't be that guy that hauls around a pump so he can "fix" the small leak.  Just buy a tube.  This one works, pretty solid too. You can use it as a pool floaty.

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5 of 5 good tubes December 5, 2016
taco eater : rodney from san francisco  
ive used these tubes on soooo many tires without a problem, but if youre gonna change tubes, might as well go for the heavy duty or more expensive...just because its something you dont really wanna do too often...that being said, these will work if you wanna save a few bucks..

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3 of 5 I dunno man October 23, 2016
taco eater : Joe B. from Taco City  
Well I got one on, didn't pop it. Put the other one on, did pop it. Patching it didn't work, and the other one that didn't pop didn't hold air! I may just suck, first moped, first tire change, but I've never popped a bicycle tube.

Bought tire irons, better luck next time.

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5 of 5 All is well July 31, 2014
taco eater : blarga flarga from LONG BEACH, NY United States  
Got the cheapo due to not having the most expensive, got two just in case. Well put 20 miles of Long Island roads on it tonight, hitting some major potholes as one does around here and held up great.

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