the ultimate vespa "i want to go fast" party - choose your bike!
the ultimate vespa "i want to go fast" party - choose your bike!

vespa moped type*:

you wanna go real fast on your vespa? well here ya go. tested n proven will approved total ripper setup. with many hours of ciao wheelies, lurking, etc. i have assembled a crack team of vespa parts guaranteed blast n last.

there are FOUR versions! read carefully and select the one that is right for you:

10 pin ciao style (non subframe)
10 pin bravo style (subframe style)
12 pin ciao style (non subframe)
12 pin bravo style (subframe style) (comes with simo circuit this week!!)

so you either have a ciao with 10 or 12mm wrist pin, or you have a bravo/grande/si (basically any vespa with a subframe) and 10 or 12mm wrist pin.

***be sure to measure your existing wrist pin prior to ordering! vespa's tend to come stock with 12mm wrist pins in the US and 10mm in europe. there is no way to tell other than taking off your existing cylinder, removing the wrist pin, and measuring it. measure or be sorry i totally warned ya just remember that***

- 43mm DR kit for the specific model you have
- giannelli FIRE exhaust
- dellorto13:13 SHA carb and filter by malossi
- mazzucchelli race crankshaft
- complete CIF rebuild kit

while you're in there rebuilding the bottom end with you're sweet new crank, you'll want to open up that intake port to 13mm and open the rotary pad up for ultimate flowin. or not. still rips with no intake work tbh.

the DR kit works really well with the original stock cylinder head. to get the most out of your setup consider grabbing a 43mm malossi or polini head.

note: the sack of hardware for the pipe is included but not shown in the photo! oh and the base gasket for the DR kit as well.

REMEMBER! you need to get jets for your sweet new 13:13 cause you'll be bummed if you don't. check out mopedarmy and see what other people are jetting similar setups at. best grab a couple jet ranges to be safe! i warned ya.

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Good parts, needs a head December 9, 2017
taco eater : Graham Motzing from Milwaukee, WI United States  
I've had sealing problems using stock heads on DR kits in the past, the port that goes from the decomp in the head-into the cylinder- comes too close to the cylinder bore and will blow out causing air leaks.

I would say 100% you need a 43 mm head with this kit.

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