vespa piaggio moped PROMA circuit performance pipe
vespa piaggio moped PROMA circuit pipe


the infamous proma circuit now for vespa too! get em while you can

for all vespa piaggio mopeds and kinetic ciao, grande, bravo, si, boxer, tfr. . .

no pedal or kickstand complications

PINBALL RUN 3 APPROVED !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

grab a replacement baffle here

one of the best vespa pipes FOR SURE. like top 3

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Great Speedy Exhaust. (louder) July 20, 2018
taco eater : Micah Shafer from Mount Pleasant , MI United States  
This Proma pipe is pretty cool looking and really nice. The sound is a little loud for me but that is pretty normal for these performance exhausts. It helps top speed a little for my Vespa Grande and it adds the sound for visibility/audibility on the road.
    Word of warning though, don't over tighten the main exhaust mount screw it will bend around the clamping collar and break. I replaced that bolt with a stronger bolt with a shoulder on it and a locking nut.

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taco eater : Anthony Sanchez from newport beach, CA United States  
Fast Shipping, Great looking pipe. Easy to install. I could definitely feel a power difference when you get going. Going to be changing the jet next. Benji was great help.

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Baffle is fine don’t believe the haterzzZZZzzzz April 9, 2016
taco eater : Ninja from New York, NY United States  
I like the baffle these Goobs must be not installing it correctly, After wiggling it on the pipe itself. I use a rubber mallet and give it a couple of wacks and it seats itself pretty well. Proma Pipe FTW!!! This Pipe is perfect low - mid and she ripps on the high end!

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Kinetic TFR February 17, 2016
taco eater : Jose Collazo from Las Vegas, NV United States  
+8 mph.  Also like that 2-stroke dirt bike sound. Also, a small acceleration boost.

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Solid pipe, but.... December 6, 2015
taco eater : blackumi from Moreno Valley, CA United States  
the baffle sucks, the included clamp for the baffle also sucks.

I had to end up welding it on, and then the entire baffle decided to snap at the slip joint.

Welded it again, hopefully it doesnt come off.

OTHER THAN THAT THIS SHIT RIPS!! Hack and welded onto a Moby 50v with pedal, center stand, and variation clearence.

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