puch leleu sealed wheel bearing conversion kit - SPOKE - REAR
puch leleu sealed wheel bearing conversion kit - SPOKE - REAR



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

COMPLETE sealed bearing conversion kit for your puch leleu spoked rear wheel! RAD!

be sure to measure the diameter of the area where the bearing cup is pressed into the hub because this will work on leleu spoked wheels that have a bearing cup outer diameter of 29mm. hence the 0.5mm shim to take up the additional 1mm of space. this may work for peugeot and moby but bust out the calipers first or else...

comes with:
-(2) 6001 sealed bearings
-(2) pre-cut 0.5mm shims
-(1) 190mm axle w/ spacers

installation tip! use a thin layer of red loctite or loctite bearing retaining compound when installing the shims and bearings. also, remember that most wheels use 11mm axles, so grab a 12mm drill bit to drill out your brake plate to accommodate the larger 12mm axle you'll now be using.

check out the photos above; in the second photo see those lil arrows? yeah those two spacers are the ones ya want to put in between the bearings. they space the inner races perfectooo. if ya don't, you'll be sorry.

thanks jake p!

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5 of 5 Get it October 6, 2019
taco eater : bigbadbrother from San Jose, CA United States  
Some of the best money you'll spend. get the front kit and you'll be a happy camper.

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5 of 5 smooth! August 13, 2019
taco eater : Drake Abrahamsson from San Clemente, CA United States  
I probably didn't need to buy these but actually I definitely did. do it, especially if you're doing stuff with any risk of dirt in your bearings. Having your wheel seize sucks and is scary. loose bearings are soooo 1970s. I have good peace of mind now not to mention smoooooth rollin! "like astroglide for your moped" -some weird forum that's not mopedarmy

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3 of 5 A little more info September 5, 2017
taco eater : Sarahsaurus Rex from Kansas City, MO United States  
I will post more when I get the answer, but hoping someone responds here.

I'm unclear as to the order to put back together.  Is it:

Shim/bearings on one side, then axle and a couple spacers, then opposite side shim/bearing assembly?

Not finding any videos/threads about this and don't want to loctite my bearings in without shims on the axle.

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5 of 5 Worth the time, may save your life August 7, 2017
taco eater : Birdman from Michigan  
2 hour installation, intermediate level. Puch Maxi with Leleu rims.

Rear end is rock solid now, no more wobbling & readjusting after a 50 mile ride. Old bearing cup almost cut through. At 50mph, that could be bad news. Worth the time & money.

You will use both of those "extra" spacers on a maxi; right side between swingarm and bearing. Left side between bearing and brake hub. You'll figure it out.

Important: Align the bearings in favor of the brake shoes contacting the drum fully. You will have 2mm or so alignment choice. Tap bearings in via the outer races to a point at which inner races are snug but not cranked against the alignment tubes. Then you are able to crank everything tight via the outermost axle nuts when its back in the bike. Done! No adjustments necessary afterwards, ever.

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