puch leleu spoked wheel bearing shim - 0.5mm
puch leleu spoked wheel bearing shim - 0.5mm



here's a nice little pre-cut shim for fitting 28mm OD 6001 bearings into 29mm ID leleu spoked hubs! these are sold by the piece.

85mm x 8mm

be sure to measure the diameter of the area where the bearing cup is pressed into the hub because this will work on leleu spoked wheels that have a bearing cup outer diameter of 29mm. hence the 0.5mm shim to take up the additional 1mm of space. this may work for peugeot and moby but bust out the calipers first or else...

installation tip! use a thin layer of red loctite or loctite bearing retaining compound when installing the shims.

thanks jake p!

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