puch 50cc budget speed party for the people
puch 50cc budget speed party for the people



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

the most inexpensive way to get more speed!

comes with...

upgraded 50cc cylinder kit
jammy performance pipe
bing metal hi-flow filter
NEW deluxe 15mm bing intake
b7hs spark plug

you get a 50cc cylinder that will be much faster than your stock one because of the increased flow and porting within. it comes with brand new gaskets - a necessity in any upgrade - and a larger exhaust gasket because the cylinder has a bigger exhaust port to match up with! the jammy pipe has a mild expansion chamber and doesn't have any restriction like your stock pipe - good enough to get you up to speed! take off that air box and plug on the bing metal hi-flow filter to get more air in quicker - another factor in gaining power. brand new cylinder studs provide strength for your new upgrade for reliability purposes - don't use your old rusty ones! **PLEASE NOTE, NO STUDS INCLUDED CURRENTLY!!!** the 15mm bing intake will work with your stock bing carburetor but provide just a little bit more flow - another cheap upgrade that adds up to the big picture. you also get a brand new b6hs spark plug - better than your old stock spark plug that has probably been sitting for 30 years or more...

the intake included will only work with E50 engines, so if you want to go ZA50 ya probably want to find a different route to go or just use your stock intake!

use your stock head - no problems there

also, remember to buy some bing main jets because you will need a larger size for this upgrade to run correctly

plz note the TCCD kits sometimes require a thick base gasket or two to get them spaced out right, so grab another one plz!

this is the most basic way to get that old puch you found locked up and forgotten in a garage somewhere sad and lonely back and running again with only the most necessary parts required to get you moving faster!

who wants to spend all their money upgrading and upgrading when you can just get out there and have fun?!?

for the people!

party rules

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4 of 5 Nice improvement May 30, 2016
taco eater : Kyle Bradley from Winchendon, MA United States  
I bought this kit as the first upgrade to my Mazi ZA50.  It was pretty straightforward to install after getting some good info from Benji.
My only complaint is that the intake sent to me was too short to allow my carb to sit straight up.

I initially put it together with the new square intake and a 68 jet.  That was a little too aggressive of a jet upgrade from my stock 58, and it ran very poorly.  Constant 4-stroke sound and no power.

I went back to the original intake so that my carb could sit straight up (difference between E50 and ZA50) and put in a 60 jet.  Runs perfectly now, and I'm hitting 30+ and I weigh 260lbs...  The low-end is pretty terrible, though.  it takes a while to wind out.  

Finally, plan on having something available to cut the steel of the muffler to fit the mounting bracket.  That didn't line up at all.  I had to elongate the middle mounting hole with a dremel.

Thanks to Benji for his excellent customer attention and advice.  The 70cc kit is next!

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5 of 5 Man.. February 10, 2013
taco eater : Atrau Palin from Nashville, TN United States  
Bought this entire package all separate a few months back before this existed. Damn. Added a 15mm clone bing carb to the deal and the hi hi compression head, tuned it up and it RIPS! Does leave some low end to be desired but its a great upgrade for the $$! Be sure to get some jets and double up on your base or head gaskets though, had trouble with piston hitting spark plug at first.

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5 of 5 Very Happy with Kit. August 7, 2012
taco eater : Lukas McWhorter from Richmond, VA United States  
This kit is well worth the money. Great fit, quality parts, and performance is amazing! Tuned correctly, this kit can get you up to 35mph easy.

Although the muffler included is awesome, its loud as a banshee so your gonna want some ear plugs.

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