puch 50cc tccd cylinder kit - 38mm - new style
puch 50cc tccd kit
alternate reality price $59.99

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6 port puch 50cc 38mm tccd cylinder kit including cylinder, piston, ring, wrist pin, intake/exhaust studs and clips.

this kit has a square port intake so any of these intakes will work..

super duper rad porting! very nice side ports with channels!

very nice quality all around.. get to it! blast off!

get a replacement piston here ! wow!

complete gasket set included!

new style fins!

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4 of 5 ok, low end sucks balls April 17, 2022
taco eater : mihaly pazar from egg harbor township, NJ United States  
e50, timing set 3mm BTDC running HPI mini, 16x40 hit 42 GPS Speedo, 170lbs man child not bad. Techno exhaust running 15.15 sha 78 jet, running slightly rich with is better then lean i suppose.
edit 1, installed claw shoes and brace and baby does this kit rock, low end still sucks but mid to top end is crazy. pulls like a 2 speed, gained 3MPH from clutch running. My kit tops out at 44 now, avg 38-40

edit 2 topped this kit out at 48mph gps, put about 300 miles on it, ended up taking the kit off as it just way to much of a dog off the line and throttle needs to be pinned constantly. If you're looking for a nice boost over stock with a good mid rip/top tip this is a decent kit, if you need low end look away. My verdict on this kit is just go with the airsal 44mm gain some low end/speed But with that in mind use martystoolbox and calculate your rpms relative to your gearing. this will keep your bushing nice and happy.

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5 of 5 Really nice power boost!!!! October 25, 2021
taco eater : Chad Tufts from Lebanon, OH United States  
My Series B with a 14mm bing 80 jet and 15mm #1grandpa intake 18 degrees TDC, techno circuit pipe, I'm averaging 29mph and top speed is 40 with 16/45 gearing.  I don't have to peddle off the start anymore.  My bike is in the power band 100% of the time now, so nice.  Bought a second for my sons bike for Christmas, crazy cheap upgrade.  This is what you want if you have a kid and want more power or also have a motorcycle and want your moped to have power 100% of the time.

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5 of 5 Love it but has its quirks June 15, 2021
taco eater : Tom Keyes from MELBOURNE, FL United States  
tossed on a 1hp newport that only did 20mph. 17x45 gearing, tecno circuit and 12mm stock bing takes it to 40mph with a 70 jet. gonna play with springs to compensate for lousy low end, exhaust studs are trash buy better ones but you already knew that. nice cheap kit but probably a wiser idea to buy a budget 70cc maybe its just me, decent ripper though, interesting porting take care not to snag the ring when installing.

EDIT 6/15/21

clutch tuning is not only recommended it should be a necessary step considering that this kit offers a huge rpm boost the clutch graps way too early and you wait for it to gain momentum, its not as powerful as a 70cc or most kits out of the box. but with a good gearing change 16/45 or 17/45 or 16x40 or what Im using now 17x42 can definitley help using super stiffy springs in my clutch, 17x42 gearing 15.15 dellorto with unknown jets hi flow filter tecno circuit pipe and it hits 48 mph

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5 of 5 Stock maxi: +5 MPH, good kit for beginners May 20, 2021
taco eater : Wade from STL  
Finally broke too many exhaust/intake studs off in my stock cylinder and had to replace it. I'm using bolts for the exhaust with this instead of the provided studs.
On a bone stock maxi, my top speed went from 30 to 35 MPH as soon as I put this kit on with my hi-torque head.
Definitely a loss of low end power, but nothing unusual - and I've been getting some of that back as I tune things up.
I'm using the piston that came with this kit, but the stock piston with the 2 rings also works well in this.

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5 of 5 Blast on the cheap August 15, 2020
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Brooklyn Center, MN United States  
Put this kit, 15mm bing clone, 17/42 gearing got my crusty maxi up to 45mph without a case match.

Plan on tuning your clutch to make up for the bad low end.

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