treats puch 15mm bing intake
treats puch 15mm bing intake



remember the old days? rtv, beer can shims, over-tightening the clamp, carbs falling off down the till into the river...WELL....

#1 GRANDPA has arrived! just a good ol' intake that does the job, heck it exceeds expectations in price and quality. dont take my word for it, let your engine do the talkin!

notice the recessed edges on the sides of the intake for easy of socket access. OD of the intake portion is perfect for your 12-15mm puch bing, so it seals like a charm! flows nice through the large opening on bottom, bigger than the previous one, and great for any puch piston port treat kit, stock cylinder, etc...& most importantly this one actually matches the intake port perfecto unlike the previous cheap versions of this 15mm intake you might see out there.

If you have been disappointed in all the 15mm bing intakes in your life then #1 grandpa is waiting to come and meet you and spend the rest of your life living with you.

center to center of mounting holes is 37mm with 6mm holes

designed for e50. on za50 you might have to turn your carb a bit to the side cause of the oil injection hump, or file that down a bit!

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Buy This One April 23, 2019
taco eater : Eric from Portland, ME United States  
Spent the extra $$$ and it was worth it. Felt a little cheap out of the package, but it hasn't disappointed me yet. 6 out of 5 tacos. Will buy again

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Absolute mad man! November 23, 2018
taco eater : Deez nutz from Omaha, NE United States  
If you tryna roll with the big boiz and get that extra mm in, you need this my dudez. It's littttt fam!

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Great part September 22, 2018
taco eater : Ed  
Couldn't break it if you tried.

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new guy huh? February 7, 2018
taco eater : old bing intake from san francisco, CA  
so you think you can come along and replace me???

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