puch 12v lighting UPGRADE party
puch 12v lighting UPGRADE party


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

12v upgrade lighting coil + regulator and bulbs for the original headlight and tail light assembly on puch maxi, magnum, swinger, pinto, newport and basically the stock puch mopeds late 70's and early 80s.

comes with:

- 12v puch light coil
- trail tech voltage regulator
- single filament 12v21w headlight BA15s bulb
- single filament 12v5w running light BA15s bulb - bottom (near clear license plate illumination window)
- single filament 12v10w brake light BA15s bulb - top (near brighter reflective area for braking illumination)

replace those burnt out bulbs with the same exact style. be seen!!

if you have aftermarket headlight or tail light assemblies, this will not work!

note, this does not include a speedo light bulb. if you miraculously still have one, you will want to grab a 12v speedo light bulb as well.

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