puch 12 volt light coil *2.0 improved version*
puch 12 volt light coil *2.0 improved version*


place under the flywheel to provide lights for your puch moped, in brightnesses previously unknown. expect to blow bulbs unless you get a regulator too. consult the beautiful wiring diagrams before goin at it!

***2.0 version features self grounded action unlike before where it had an independent ground w/ ring terminal***

info for hackerzz
-53.75mm center to center on the mounting holes
-26.50mm overall height
-77.00mm overall length

yellow goes to headlight and tail light
green goes to brake light

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5 of 5 Easy, Effective Upgrade July 10, 2020
taco eater : Chinatown Kicks from Boston MA  
The wires on this latest version seem much more securely attached than previous ones.  Also, if you get some LED bulbs with the BA15S base, you can drop them into your stock housings and this coil will power them.

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5 of 5 Light brite October 14, 2019
taco eater : bigbadbrother from San Jose, CA United States  
I have to say this is great so far, Running a 55w LED headlight with no issues yet and will be switching ove to Led tail/brake light soon. get a voltage regulator or you will burn bulbs and or wires.

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2 of 5 Dem Bois Bright!? September 26, 2018
taco eater : Benjamin Johnson from Sioux Falls, SD United States  
So this works great!!! BUT! We put one on my buddies bike and it lasted maybe like 2 weeks. Then the coating or whatever on the coil must of melted away from heat or something becuase it unraveled and she ded. Oh well a candle that burns twice as bright last half as long.

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5 of 5 works great February 25, 2018
taco eater : michael kuriger from Santa Clarita, CA United States  
I was expecting my lights to be brighter at idle, sadly they are not.  Switched to 12v bulbs but keep blowing tail lights even with a voltage regulator.  :-D

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4 of 5 Upgrayyedd August 8, 2017
taco eater : Birdman from Michigan  
Remove ALL of your 6v coils and use this. Yellow wire runs 55w halogen headlight and both rear lights. (LED, 194 style) Combined with 12v regulator = most excellent night driving.

OMIT the green wire: do not use it, cap it and do NOT ground it. It does not have enough juice by itself to adequately power the rear lights. The yellow has plenty to run everything. The two wires are NOT part of a +/- system. Do not wire them both to a regulator, ONLY yellow.

FOUR stars due to total lack of technical/electrical information anywhere on this thing. (Also, you cannot run 6v coils to ground with this 12v on ground.)

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