trail tech dial-a-brightness AC voltage regulator
trail tech voltage regulator



trail tech AC voltage regulator! use it on 6 or 12v

* improved AC regulator with adjustable output.
* universal voltage regulator limits voltage to 6.0-16.0 volts for AC systems (DC systems require a regulator/rectifier.)
* conditions circuit to eliminate electrical spikes, protect from lamp blow-outs, and reduce flicker and dimming.
* “dial-a-brightness” for halogen and quartz lights:
* at 14+ VAC setting, the lamps will approach HID lumens (~70%) but lamp life is short (good for racing.) ~25 hour lamp life.
* at standard setting, about 13.8 VAC, the lamps should last about 500 hours.
* at minimum setting, the lamps are not as bright as HID (~30%), but last over 1,000 hours.
* included in trail tech plug-and-play high-output AC electrical systems with model-specific connectors; no cutting or splicing required.
* designed and manufactured by trail tech.


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Reliable AC regulator August 2, 2018
taco eater : Robbit the Hipper from Hobbitland in Upper Mopedizia  
Use this on any non-stock Hobbit to dump AC voltage above the dialed-in setting. Factory setting of 13.8 is fine, especially if rectifying after the regulator for LEDs or other DC accessories.

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diagram does not match regulator April 28, 2018
taco eater : Rex from Grand Rapids  
the regulator sent has a yellow and a brown(red?) wire and the wiring diagram has 2 yellows, black, red, yellow/red.

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The one you want. January 25, 2018
taco eater : Jonathan Feldman from Portland, OR United States  
In my opinion, the best voltage reg treats carries.
The cheaper ones are kinda hit or miss.. sometimes they work perfect... sometimes you're blowing tail lights left n right.

Bypass the bullshit and buy this guy instead.

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It go down on its knees & stripped December 26, 2017
taco eater : Countryob from Princeton , MA United States  
I tried to adjust the screw, and I literally stripped the threads of the screw without even trying. Absolutely bs, I emailed them and they did send me another regulator but I really think they should rethink this.

What ever they are putting on the screw head to protect against weather, its horrible and makes the screw head junk.

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Quality! July 31, 2015
taco eater : Patrick Stover from Saint Paul, MN United States  
Buy this one.

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