performance reed block for piston ports n' more
performance reed block for piston ports n' more



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

WOW a radical advancement in reed technology!! a 4 petal reed block that accepts a dio reed block and has the bolt pattern for the very common piston port bolt spacing!! will work on puch without modification. even works on a derbi if you are using puch cylinders with slight modification to the cases. whoa!!!! coolest thing since sliced bread.

this is a great alternative and upgrade to the common malossi 4 petal, but allows for much higher flow thus being able to properly handle a big big big boy carb.

finally you can rip rip rip!!! turns any 45mm treat piston port kit into a mini gila. jack did it with the treat teflon piston and was blown away literally. Tomos 45mm pistons should work well too on this setup.

comes with only the reed block adapter, so you'll need to grab a reed block like the standard dio one or say hmm v-force if ya wanna go real fast and an intake like the one included in the complete dio reed kit

Lots of MLM intakes and others to choose from should you want to go that route. Just make sure you choose the right one that will clear the setup you are using it on.

note***this fits both maxi and magnum*** UNREAL!!!

also comes with two m6 x 16 counter sunk allen bolts for maximum cylinder attachment.

more important info:

measurements: intake to cylinder bolt pattern spacing center of hole to center: 38mm eye to eye on bolt holes
intake to reed block bolt patter spacing center of hole to center: 41.5mm x 51.5mm

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5 of 5 Holey shit February 10, 2021
taco eater : V-force from NYC  
Don't forget those puch kits that needed a spacer? No low end and tired of gas on your leg? The reed piston is considerably shorter (well a few mins) and opens up those ports

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5 of 5 Hi-quality December 30, 2018
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Seattle, WA United States  
A great addition to your bulletproof k star builds, and opens the door to limitless possibilities. Keep in mind the cheap reed block set is really crappy, I'd recommend going for the slightly more expensive black dio reed intake. It comes with 4 petal and dual stage reeds, I like options.

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