vforce 8 petal reed block for honda DIO ++ trickMETRIC
vforce 8 petal reed block for honda DIO ++ trickMETRIC



here's the 8 petal vforce reed block for the honda dio reed blocks and intakes! whoa, sick dude! thanks willie! fits in the trickMETRIC intake spacers as well! you may have to open the holes a very small amount to fit! piece of cake!

this reed block was designed to fit the kawasaki kx60/65 and the suzuki rm60/65!

55mm x 43mm mounting holes

0.3mm reeds


***Note if you use the Hobbit Vforce reeds with this spacer you will have to dremel the mounting holes a little to make them fit.***

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Relieve your sense of wonder July 18, 2017
taco eater : Andy from Detroit  
Just get the Vforce and stop wondering if you "could have gone faster" or "if you cracked a petal".

I realize it's just some plastic and carbon and $150 is a lot, but the peace of mind of running a quality reed block and not getting stuck on a ride 20 miles from home more than makes up for the cost.

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AR80 riders December 16, 2014
taco eater : river2strokes from Columbus, OH  
dremel eyelets to fit stock AR80 reed block, add kx60/65 rubber coupler to fit tm24. c ya later.

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comes with two gaskets too! October 17, 2014
taco eater : Mike Boyd Williams from Los Angeles, CA United States  
just FYI

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The Truth July 1, 2014
taco eater : Joshua Smith from Ottawa, IL United States  
So you just built that ultra blaster Hobbit. Athena, HPI, H95, TM24 and Trickmetric spacer. Now what reeds to get?
"Oh, check these DIO reeds are only $30."

WTF, Don't get cheap now dude. They're $30 because they're chinese garbage.

Get the VForce. Save yourself that $30 you'll spend on DIOs that'll last what, 6 months? Mine lasted about 3 weeks before they blew apart.

These things are made in America too, dude. The plastic is some of the nicest I've ever seen. It probably has Ol Glory woven into it. Get that Honda running on Freedom already.

**Little update after a couple seasons use.**
These things are still going strong. Haven't even had to change a petal. No brainer here.

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Amazing Quality! June 19, 2014
taco eater : Ryan M from Charlotte, NC United States  
I too went the route of DIO reeds at first on my Hobbit/TM24/Trick spacer. Terrible Idea, 3 of the DIO petals cracked and One completely exploded.

I purchased these early last summer and haven't looked back... It's a finely made product that will rip your face off. Intense throttle response with excellent durability. No need to worry about these. Quit replacing the Chinese junk and treat yourself to something nice!

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