magnum n friends TIRE PARTY pack in 2.50-17
magnum n friends TIRE PARTY pack in 2.50-17


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

lets see who is attending this partayyyy

- TWO sava B4 tires in 17 x 2.5
- TWO 17 x 2.5/2.75 tubes!
- TWO rim strips to line your rim!

17" rim diameter
2.5" width

keep that classic EUROPEAN look with added quality, get rid of your old cracked crappy tires

great for top tanks like PUCH magnum, sachs g3, peugeot TSM, etc as well as freespirit and other step throughs that originally came with 2.5in tires.

simply look at your old tires, figure out if these sizes replace yours, and youve got an invitation!!

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4 of 5 Good on Free Spirit (Silver) Deluxe April 17, 2024
taco eater : Kelikaku from HERMOSA BEACH, CA United States  
I've had these on my Free Spirit since I got it, they're heavier than the originals. Their bulk adds to dampening, shock absorbing some of the bumps, and on cornering they give a more solid grip than the originals, which were not as broad (2.25). The name on the tires is 'MITAS'.
I recommend these, good basic replacements, and slight upgrade,  for the originals.

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5 of 5 Fit Puch Magnum September 20, 2019
taco eater : Mattylite from Stamford, CT United States  
Not easy to get on. Used two real big flat head screw drivers, but I recommend tire irons to make it easier. Once they're on, no more cracked old tires blowing out on the middle of a ride! Replaced my rear tire that was made in Austria in 1979, and feeling safer is a nice feeling.

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5 of 5 Fits in a maxi.. just barely January 24, 2018
taco eater : Graham Motzing from Milwaukee, WI United States  
These are the only 2.5's i know of that can fit in a maxi. They are tall and skinny so if you have long enough chains and your wheel is really true (you might have to true up your wheel to keep it from rubbing) you can just barely squeak them in there.

I took a pair of channellocks and bent out my rear fender a bit but the fender was a bit smooshed crooked so no biggie.  Also front fender, hmm i think i had to grind the support out a bit?  Dont remember.

They ride real nice, having that little bit more cushion from 2.5 instead of 2.25 is noticeable, especially riding dubs and for when you gotta run some shit over.

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4 of 5 Got Switcherood! November 15, 2016
taco eater : Gregory Mueller from Grand Rapids, MI United States  
Ordered Sava's, got Mitas's, what is the deal???


Then change your pictures and descriptions and tire model numbers!
If I wanted a semi slick, I would have ordered it.
I thought you would at least give me a email, when switching to see if it was ok with me!

Edit treats: the tires are identical and from the same mold and look identical and have the same part #, all sava tires are slowly being rebranded to Mitas in 2014-2018 and you may receive sava or Mitas until the rebrand is complete. If you received the wrong tread or a part you didn't order it is very simple... just email us and we will take care of you of course. Easy. We will never sub a product for another without checking first.

Guess it was a shipping mistake, at least it was the right size! I know it happens....Thanks for the explanation...Greg

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