honda hobbit BIG BORE SPEED KIT super pack
honda hobbit BIG BORE SPEED KIT super pack
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skip all the learning mumbo jumbo and slap this BIG BORE JUG and EXPANSION MUFFLER onto your honda hobbit pa50ii (sorry, not pa50i) and you will be going fast, faster than all your friends on their slow scooters. we took all the easiest, quick upgrades to make your hobbit a certified blaster !

first of all, if you dont have jets, GET SOME JETS HERE. you need them to tune! start around 200 and work your way down, dont work your way up. also, were not responsible if you seize your kit cause you got too excited to blast!!!

to check out each separate part! information is below!!

hobbit dr kit hobbit dr kithobbit carb upgrade kit


the 70cc 46mm MALOSSI kit for honda hobbit camino pa50 pa50II nc50 na50 nu50 and more!

you get all gaskets, piston, rings, piston clips, wrist pin and cylinder of course. also includes hardware to mount the pipe and carb!

the expansion chamber is the honda hobbit treat pipe!! big ol chamber for sheer power. comes with hardware to mount it to the jug.

comes with a 20mm mikuni vm carburetor with MOTION LEFT intake that pops the carb OUTSIDE the subframe so you can tune it up without dropping the subframe and engine. so crucial. has a nice chrome mesh air filter too!

you can use your STOCK HEAD with this! so no problem there.

replacement gaskets!

*****NOTE. the pipe may have a few little scratches. they travel from faaaar distances to us so things happen you know? also, make sure you know a bit before installing this. you dont wanna be emailing us back with a seized up kit cause you rushed it. ask if you need help. treat it like your baby*****

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