honda hobbit pa50 black pipe
honda hobbit pa50 black pipe


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black, gigantic pipe for honda hobbit, camino, and pa50ii! comes with a nice matte black finish that's sure to burn off so get your bbq paint ready.

***note this can be fitted to pa50i cylinders with modification of the exhaust flange (you'll need to open up the cylinder approx. 2mm or file down the exhaust flange approx 2mm) in order for the pipe to fit properly***

this pipe shoots up high and mounts to the right rear shock bolt! stock pedal arms will not clear this. you'll need to get a MLM pedal shaft extender or be prepared to bend out your existing arms/hack n weld

non-fixed flange allows for ease of mounting (note that since the flanges are dangling around the header, they've scraped up the header pipe during their journeys. the paint on the header will burn off anyways, so yeah. just keep that in mind!)

other delights include :

removable baffle (rivet)
insane 8mm thick flange eliminates bending
5 cone chamber
matte black finish
25mm ID header
31.6mm OD flange

such an awesome alternative to the proma or high end pipe. quieter and has more top end than a proma. really the perfect medium of overall power and quietness.

***NOTE TO DR and ATHENA KIT USERS. you will need to lightly file around the flange of the pipe where it sits in the exhaust gasket seat. for all other kits, it's a simple bolt and go procedure! for some reason DR and ATHENA decided to make their exhaust flange seats a hair smaller. no biggie!***

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5 of 5 better than proma June 22, 2017
taco eater : catman from california  
polini kit, stock carb, and proma i would hit 48-50mph pretty reliably

same setup but with this pipe it took me right to 53 mph, i did soft seize the first time i took it out so upjet a bit if coming from proma. I noticed no loss in bottom end and it's alot quiter

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5 of 5 Hobbitty hop April 26, 2016
taco eater : blamblam from Midwest  
Have not put any miles on the pipe yet but it looks and feels durable.  You will need longer exhaust studs to provide more threads to make up for the thicker flange.  I have it paired to the dr kit and I didn't have to take much material off for the exhaust mount to fit.   Pipe clears the stock kickstand!! Easy Peezy.

Update: Pipe starts to hit around 25mph and continues to a little over 50.  I have 2k clutch springs  which helped get to the pipe faster.

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