honda hobbit carb UPGRADE pack - vm20
honda hobbit carb UPGRADE pack - vm20



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

WOW thats a nice intake...puts the carb up and out of the subframe for easy tuning and jetting!!

for honda hobbit pa50 i and ii mopeds! stock or with a 70cc kit.

comes with high quality MLM intake, the reliable and user friendly mikuni vm20 with bolts, and a metal mesh air filter!

replace and upgrade the stock carburetor with the finest of parts!

find some mikuni vm20 jets here!

goes up and out of the subframe, clears pedals and the carb is level!

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1 of 5 Didn't work November 23, 2022
taco eater : Pat from Phila, PA United States  
I added a 70cc and a performance pipe. Hoped this carb would be perfect with this alterations. This carb didn't work. I bought tons of jets (which were easy to change). It was flooding mostly. Just get that cheap wabron carb it works better.

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5 of 5 Pretty fantabular June 8, 2022
taco eater : Rabies Matt from winnipeg, MB Canada  
Its expensive party. yes. BUT.... I was having a lot of issues getting my stockoshocko kit, proma pipe, stock/clone carbs up past 60kph... tried jets from 78-102 and it seemed to go from rich to lean BETWEEN jets... got angry and slapped this on.... now my bike does wheelies even when I dont want it to.... and I can tell you its fast AF... but I cant tell you how fast because Im scared to max it out like some kinda alleycat chump. Maybe I will update review when I hit top speed or explode... hitting at least 80kph from one end of my block to the other... the neighbors hate me... I also have notched variator, red polini springs, Boysen dual stage reeds, and 11.5g weights rather than the stock 15g...


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4 of 5 Junk air cleaner May 11, 2019
taco eater : Henry from Saint Paul, MN United States  
I love how easy it is to change main jet. Though i disliked the aor cleaner.. choked off the carb for me, it took me 3 days and changing ecery jet i have to figur that out.  i threw it in the trash and now my bike riiippppssssss

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