MLM motobecane MBK 51 style race swingarm!!!
MLM motobecane MBK 51 style race swingarm!!!



MLM mbk 51 steel race swingarm! finally, no more having to source a rare super $$$ used mbk 51 swingarm from france. yesss

includes folding foot pegs! yup, folders just like the original so when yer sittin sideways like paul wall on the track they won't hang up and make u lose the race. rad!

side stand SOON to come!

bronze self centering bushing for smooth operation!

beautiful e-coat gloss black finish!

this is designed to work with the 3 star and 5 star peugeot mags but should work with many other wheels with some finessing

dropout spacing = 150mm
95mm of space for tire clearance (widest point at the front of the swingarm near the web
length from center of swingarm bolt to end of swingarm = approx 405mm
for use with 12mm axles...keep this in mind as it will not work with the stock 10mm frenchie axles

coming in at 6lbs 4.5oz with footpegs (no side stand)

includes swingarm bolt and nut as well as mounting hardware for the pegs

***treats task for investigation team is currently undergoing testing...stay tuned for groundbreaking info***

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4 of 5 Well made but not a completely true reproduction January 20, 2021
taco eater : Ian Templeton from Seattle, WA United States  
I have owned two of the Malossi square swing arms over the years, so I was really excited to see MLM is reproducing them.

Some of the dimensions seem a bit off. definitely won't work with stock mag and brake plate without brake plate modification. Does work OK with the Bernardi 5-star and 2.5" tire [I used a 200mm axel with a 26mm and 13mm spacer].  

Main issue is that the peg mount is located pretty much exactly where the exhaust should mount up. Another issue is that due to brake plate and brake plate stop dimensions, the wheel sits pretty far to the drivetrain side, resulting in not much clearance on the drive train side and a lot of unused space on the other side.

Also, the angle on the side stand mount is probably too steep.

Basically, much more sturdy swing arm, but expect to do some fabrication to get the most out of it.

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5 of 5 Good for at least 1000 miles March 12, 2018
taco eater : Maitland Kelly from san francisco, CA United States  
I ran one of these on a motobecane frame with a minarelli engine welded into it.

Not only does it stabilize the frame by kicking the rear wheel back an inch or two, but its super beefy for a big boy like me.

Gonna put another couple thousand miles on it this year hopefully.

Also the fully captured wheel adjusters are a huge improvement. Big improvement all around

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