17" black grimeca style three star mag wheel set
17" black grimeca style three star mag wheel set


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17" bernardi 3 star mag wheel! these lovely BLACK sealed bearings (front & rear) mags include brake plate and brake pads.

**these no longer come with axles, nuts, washers or spacers** however...

we strongly suggest choosing from one of the 165mm sealed front axles we have, but this 12mm axle with spacersis probably your best bet for the front wheel!!

as for the rear, this 12mm rear sealed axle is the best bet. you can also choose from other 12mm rear axles we have that are 180mm or longer

you WILL need spacers if you dont have any. here is a good selection of axles spacers!!!

- works perfectly with this 40T rear sprocket
- uses a 98mm rear sprocket. any of these rear sprockets will line up!
- if you need bolts for the rear sprocket, get (5) m6 x 35mm hex head bolts and probably some m6 nuts andwashers.
- uses standard freewheels
- these do NOT have notches for speedo drive

totally usable on tons of bikes, pretty much any bike if you are crafty, however these are made for peugeot.

puch and motobecane riders note the rear brake plate does not have the mount for the brake cable adjuster on the brake plate.

the wheels come with brake pads but if you need spares use these 90mm x 18mm brake pads. they will be a little tight at first, maybe sand em down a bit!

1.6 x 17 "

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