17" black bernardi five star mag wheel set
17" black bernardi five star mag wheel set


 :*sorry none today*

17" bernardi 5 star mag wheel! these lovely BLACK sealed bearings (front & rear) mags include brake plate and brake pads.

**these no longer come with axles, nuts, washers or spacers** however...

we strongly suggest choosing from one of the 165mm sealed front axles we have, but this 12mm axle with spacers is probably your best bet for the front wheel!!

as for the rear, this 12mm rear sealed axle is the best bet. you can also choose from other 12mm rear axles we have that are 180mm or longer

you WILL need spacers if you dont have any. here is a good selection of axles spacers!!!

- works perfectly with this 40T rear sprocket
- uses a 98mm rear sprocket. any of these rear sprockets will line up!
- if you need bolts for the rear sprocket, get (5) m6 x 35mm hex head bolts and probably some m6 nuts and washers.
- uses standard freewheels
- also, uses the puch speedometer drive!

totally usable on tons of bikes, pretty much any bike if you are crafty, however these are made for peugeot.

puch and motobecane riders note the rear brake plate does not have the mount for the brake cable adjuster on the brake plate.

the wheels come with brake pads but if you need spares use these 90mm x 18mm brake pads. they will be a little tight at first, maybe sand em down a bit!

front wheel weighs 6lb 12oz with brakeplate, rear weighs 7lb 14oz with brakeplate (without axles!)

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5 of 5 Perfect for Kreidler! March 20, 2021
taco eater : Roy Brown from Lincoln, NE United States  
They will need a little love but they work great on my old mp-9 YAY! no more bent rims and broken bearings!

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1 of 5 Not worth it and they dont fit April 11, 2018
taco eater : Caitlin Smarz from New Haven, CT United States  
They do not fit on a Puch Maxi with standard fork the axel they sent is too big for the front and the stock speedometer does not fit on the fat axel. I dont get what is goin on here. The paint will chip IMMEDIATELY it is bs quality. I have to dremel out the fork so the axel will fit and I have no idea about the back wheel. I am pissed.

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3 of 5 Look sick! September 6, 2014
taco eater : Matt  
But either I'm inept, or they don't work so hot on a motobecane. The tab on the swing arm for the brake stay doesn't clear the sprocket. Even if I were to grind it down the brake plate is going to crash into the sprocket. I will make these work, but for now I have no idea how. If anyone can offer some help Instagram is a great place to find me @matthew_stafford_

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3 of 5 Not enuf spacers February 26, 2013
taco eater : Murray Man from Warren, MI United States  
Front wheel went on no problem, all the hardware was correct and it works great. Rear wheel was missing a nut and doesn't even have enuf spacers to make it spin freely when it's all sandwiched together. Some kind of instructions would've been nice. Worth the effort though.

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4 of 5 needs new rear plate January 18, 2013
taco eater : Elyse  
I love these wheels but both rear and front plates are too short.  I had to use my rear plate for the front and grab another standard rear plate for it to actually grab. I also had to change my axle for a longer one, all in all, a little work, but they came out looking great

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