wicked curve complete CDI ignition kit for sachs 505 - DC version
wicked curve complete CDI ignition kit for sachs 505 - DC version



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

this ain't yer run of the mill CDI bubby boy....this is a lovingly curated collection of bespoke gizmos and techno-wizardry sure to please any mopedder. OEM quality euopean products ensure many years of reliable spark and lighting! this 12v CDI features 90w of accessory power that will allow you to fulfill even your most wild fantasies. with wicked curve CDI box this ignition will keep your temps at bay! designed to be ran as a 12v AC or DC system. amazing!

for sachs 505!

NOT for sachs 504! we will have a 504 one soon!

note this CDI does not use a woodruff key! you will need an ignition micrometer or other accurate piston depth measuring method to properly install and time it. flywheel features dual timing marks for clockwise and counterclockwise rotations.

uses a 26 x 1.5mm flywheel puller!!

red goes to CDI box
blue goes to ground
yellow goes to regulator/lights
white goes to accessory (see instructions!!)

DC version!! includes the wicked reglator rectifier!!! the cool thing about the wicked regulator rectifier is that you can run it as a DC half wave rectifier or as an AC regulator, so really it's an AC/DC choose your own adventure!

comes with stator, stator plate, stator plate mounting screws, flywheel, and wicked curve CDI box!

universal CDI box mounting brackets available!!!

does not come with a flywheel nut or spark plug boot!!

flywheel weighs in at an impressive 465g!!

here are some other ignition flywheel weights for comparison:

HPI mini rotor = 345g
powerdynamo = 710g
bosch points flywheel = 838g
treats cdi = 886g

90mm OD flywheel


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