parmakit cdi box with wicked ignition curve for sooo many bikes
parmakit cdi box for sooo many bikes



parmakit 2 wire cdi box for hella bikes that use a single wire cdi box. this box is a great upgrade from a stock static curve box because its got a wicked 7 deg(ish) retarding curve. keep those head temps down and advance your timing without fear.

-one wire from the stator (pulse signal + power) goes to the larger of the two male spade connectors on the box.
-the smaller of the two spade connectors goes to a common ground.

works amazingly on derbi revolution start 5 stock cdis (both the leonelli version and generic "japanese") version. rumor has it that this also works on tomos A55 stock cdis that do not have the external hall effect sensor! would most likely work on tomos A35 2 wire cdis as well! oh, i bet this would work on the ducati clone ignition and original ducati korado ignitions as well.

will caldwell writes "this box is amazing. a little pricey but well worth the money. i'm using this cdi box on my derbi revolution start 5 motor that i took on the trans-america trail excursion and it performed flawlessly. i was able to set my timing at around 2.4mm btdc (set without a woodruff key) and the retarding curve kept my head temps crazy cool. in the 2,000 miles the bike was ridden the head temps never went above 360 degrees f. i'm still riding the bike around with who knows how many miles on it now and it hasn't failed on me. this has the TAT seal approval"

about 31in of plug wire

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It will make you shit yourself April 20, 2018
taco eater : Sven from Washington, DC  
I put this on a stock A35 Tomos and took it for a test drive and immediately shit myself. I figured, this wasn't right and went back to the shop to clean the feces out of my pants and check all the settings.
Everything seemed fine. I took it for another test drive and once again, felt my asshole explode at WOT.
After about two more times of shamefully cleaning myself in an alleyway and then fully releasing my bowels at WOT I realized something.
It turns out I had food poisoning and my urgent and uncontrollable diarrhea had nothing to do with the CDI.
I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm better now and I'll update this review once I've done some shit free testing.

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Meh, it's pretty good. March 15, 2017
taco eater : Perro De Diamanté Naté from Louisville, KY United States  
Don't tell anyone you bought this. Because they're gonna wanna know. And you're not gonna go throwing all the secret sorcery out there to them. Don't be that guy.

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very nice August 2, 2016
taco eater : Will caldwell from san francisco, CA United States  
nice curve

nice overall quality

nice silicone plug wire

very nice on world champ flat reed motoplat cdi and on start V stock cdi

this product is nice

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just buy it, dummy February 2, 2015
taco eater : Andy from Atlanta, GA United States  
Fuck an HPI, this is cheaper, more reliable and just as curvey! seriously, you can't afford NOT to buy this. It's so rad it's unbelievable. make mega power on your single wire CDI derbi and stay cool as ice as the kids say.

been running for about a year and half flawlessly. Max head temp of 380 going up mountains, like actual real mountains, WOW!

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everybody says it works fantastic January 4, 2015
taco eater : tim ostrom from savannah, GA United States  
everybody being my buddy andy and some doods on MA. Andy's fast as shit kitted derbi rips crazy ass and runs really cool temps. he says it barely got to 380 doing crazy hill climb shit at suches and it usually chills at like 280 during regular type riding. i have not run mine yet but one thing about it kinda bummed me out. the plug wire is permanent. like glued in forever. what if it gets donked up somehow? what if i want to run one of those wacky plaid ones? what then parmakit? you butts!

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