parmakit cdi box with wicked ignition curve for sooo many bikes
parmakit cdi box for sooo many bikes




parmakit 2 wire cdi box for hella bikes that use a single wire cdi box. this box is a great upgrade from a stock static curve box because its got a wicked 7 deg(ish) retarding curve. keep those head temps down and advance your timing without fear.

-one wire from the stator (pulse signal + power) goes to the larger of the two male spade connectors on the box.
-the smaller of the two spade connectors goes to a common ground.

works amazingly on derbi revolution start 5 stock cdis (both the leonelli version and generic "japanese") version. rumor has it that this also works on tomos A55 stock cdis that do not have the external hall effect sensor! would most likely work on tomos A35 2 wire cdis as well! oh, yeha this also works on the ducati clone ignition and original ducati korado ignitions as well.

will writes "this box is amazing. a little pricey but well worth the money. i'm using this cdi box on my derbi revolution start 5 motor that i took on the trans-america trail excursion and it performed flawlessly. i was able to set my timing at around 2.4mm btdc (set without a woodruff key) and the retarding curve kept my head temps crazy cool. in the 2,000 miles the bike was ridden the head temps never went above 360 degrees f. i'm still riding the bike around with who knows how many miles on it now and it hasn't failed on me. this has the TAT seal approval"

also replaces and upgrades tomos part number 229468

***these may or may not have our own TREATLAND logo on them now!!***

mounting brackets available!!!

about 31in of plug wire

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5 of 5 Best Upgrade YEET March 18, 2024
taco eater : 👽👍🏻 Op1zilla from VIDALIA, LA United States  
Pur-fect Power Curve an paired with a timing plate for My Motorized Bicycle setup, It RIPPZ 👽👍🏻✨

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5 of 5 I was scum before getting this CDI, now I'm not January 13, 2024
taco eater : Sweaters from United States  

This CDI transformed my life. My family now welcomes me, I regained my job, and found a newfound purpose. Previously, I faced rejection, unemployment, and persistent hopelessness. Using this CDI on my 2-stroke hybrid (Chinese bottom end, Stihl MS440 chainsaw top end) brought remarkable changes. Though others couldn't explain the specifics, they insisted I needed it. In upstate NY, after my bike endured snow for 2 days, the CDI enabled a weak kickstart, surprising me with an immediate start in cold conditions. A 5-mile ride revealed a magical improvement in RPM transitions—smooth and rejuvenating.

The CDI not only enhanced my bike's performance but also had a ripple effect on my life. I urge you to invest in it; beyond improved 2-stroke performance, you might unlock unexpected positive changes, even career advancements.

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5 of 5 Great little CDI November 17, 2023
taco eater : Paul from The Netherlands  
Used this on my Tomos Pack'R. Low-end gas response improves greatly. Top speed stays around the same. Great affordable upgrade if you want to stay on stock coils instead of a MVT or HPI kit. (In my case because of e-start)

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5 of 5 Love this thing 😁 September 17, 2021
taco eater : Karen s Webb from REDDING, CA United States  
I got this bad boy 4 my kitted 01 tomos targa.  44mm airsal,dellorto 16.16,tecno estoril.stock timing.  
& now it seriously RIPS.  Love the curve.  my old cdi was limiting my speed.  I slotted both mounting holes on the parmakit.   Until they matched my og tomos cdi box holes.  with a little round file.  Then with a big round file.  SO NO DRILLING YOUR TOMOS IS REQUIRED!
If U have a kitted tomos a35.  Just get this.  & U’ll be very happy U did. 🙂

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taco eater : DOOVY from Brooklyn, NY United States  
WOW works PERFECTLY with the kinetic cdi you just got for your shitty vespa ciao!! FROM STATOR: BLK to ground on the engine. RED to the big spade on the cdi box. WHITE to smol spade on the cdi box. YELLOW for bright ass lights. TIME WITHOUT THE WOODRUFF LIKE AN HPI TO 1.8mm BTDC... BLAST!!

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