vespa piaggio malossi racing 102mm DRIVEN PULLEY clutch assembly
vespa piaggio malossi racing 102mm DRIVEN PULLEY clutch assembly



NEW malossi racing clutch/driven pulley assembly for vespa and piaggo mopeds!! totally re-designed from the ground up for ease of clutch spring installation!

***NOTE to CIAO owners!!! you will need to modify the frame area around the top and bottom of the pulley cheeks to make this fit. Ciao will only fit 90mm cheeks and will require the user to bend/cut the lips of the frame to provide enough clearance for the larger pulley cheeks!!***

doesn't come with a clutch bell, so do yourself a favor and get the malossi clutch bell while you're at it!

you will also need starter clutch springs and pads if you plan on running the stock style starter.

includes red clutch springs and the infamous malossi yellow contra spring

note, this comes totally disassembled! assembly instructions here! is this the first moped part with instructions?!! wow.

video release here ! why don't more moped parts get a video release!? wow.

malossi part # 5218223

and now some words from malossi...


Complete rear transmission for Piaggio mopeds with variator

The FLY CLUTCH Kit is interchangeable with the original transmission and improves performance and durability owing to the use of high-quality materials and reinforcing it where required.

  1. Fixed Pulley
  2. Torque Driver
  3. Yellow variator contrast spring
  4. Fly Clutch
  5. Assembled fixed hub

For vehicles with variators.

1 . Fixed Pulley

The 102mm-diameter, fixed, 15mm pulley is nitride hardened to produce excellent levels of durability, has a positive double D mount on the hub and is secured with an M24 galvanized nut.

2 . Torque Driver

This consists of a 15 pulley with a diameter of 102 mm, which is TIG welded to a specially designed hub with a mould-pressed EKU bushing. EKU is a dry self-lubricating material that ensures excellent sliding properties and minimal wear.
Adaptable even to the original Piaggio system.

3 . Variator Contrast Spring

The springs, made of high-carbon silicon-alloy steel and are heat-treated, are dynamically balanced, stove-enamelled and designed for each specific application.

4 . Fly Clutch

Fly Clutch consists of three new clutch shoes that use the Fly Malossi system. Designed with a specific shoe, it is coupled with Malossi springs to operate at a pre-established optimum RPM hook-in point. Once mounted on the hub assembly, the shoes are secured in position using a reinforced ring, which makes the entire assembly rigid.

5 . Assembled Fixed Hub

This is the main structural component of the clutch.
Its multifunctional elements include: a clutch shoe plate, a chrome hub in which the moving pulley operates and a clutch bell that allows the kick-starter pedal to engage and lock.
The assembly is TIG welded to the tightest tolerances to ensure perfect alignment. The pivot pins for the shoes have been increased in diameter by 6.5 mm and specially designed to be riveted and maintain alignment.
A primary gear shaft rotates within the unit that is held using two 13x19x12 needle bearings, providing increased rigidity.
Two oil seals ensure a sealed environment for Malossi lubrication.

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5 of 5 Way better than I imagined August 23, 2021
taco eater : Dewey Martin from Louisville, KY United States  
Buying one for every Vespa own. I thought it having red springs would suck and I would have to change them  but nope. I tried it on two different set ups and on the smaller kit wheelies but reved out too quick. On my 80cc it blasted so much more than I expected. Hard pulls it slips for a min but when it grabs hang on!

Bad: the little clips that hold the plate suck and I fear will fail so ima get some better ones.

Get one before they are gone!!!

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