vespa piaggio malossi MULTIVAR YELLOW contra spring
vespa piaggio malossi MULTIVAR YELLOW contra spring



malossi racing technology for vespa and kinetic variated mopeds

same spring that comes with the vespa piaggio malossi MULTIVAR variator.

just in case you wanted to change yours or experiment..

note: for EURO 100mm pulleys this is a drop in replacement. for the older pulleys commonly found in the US you will have to cut the lil tabs on the ends.

29 7009.YO

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Euro July 27, 2014
taco eater : Hugh Goldspiel from San Jose , CA United States  
This spring fits perfect in the euro clutch version with just a little playing with and no grinding! Tabs fit ..

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great part! November 5, 2012
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Rochester, MI United States  
First off, everyone should be replacing their contra spring because the original 32 year old spring, is just not the same today.  And going with this choice is a lot better!
I replaced the 32 year old one in my Si with a stock variator and noticed a difference immediately!
The pull felt was noticable on hills and the recovery after climbing the hill to get back to top speed was quicker.
It just makes sense to replace this spring considering the job the spring does and for the price of it with shipping, it's money well spent!

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Good stuff right here!! May 7, 2012
taco eater : Adam Pereira from castro valley, CA United States  
So in reading many MA threads...I tried to stay stock on my contra spring(tried the Olympia as well) on my kitted and piped bravo, as many had suggested...I was down to 3.5g rollers in the stock vario and still getting sluggish on hills and uneven shifting....this spring has corrected those issues and can rev a bit higher now and starts in a lower gear now as the pully can actually close all the way at rest....cut the pins off tho or you'll never variate colose to max....good stuff.

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Stiff Enough for Mild Stock July 30, 2011
taco eater : Sean L. from Tucson, AZ  
Couple this one up with an 8-roller variator for good results! It'll keep the engine in the low range all the way up to 15mph for improved acceleration.

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