vespa piaggio malossi multivar performance variator
vespa piaggio malossi multivar variator



vespa performance variator made by malossi.

super quality, you would expect from malossi. this is the variator i use on my bravo and ciao. it's top of the line and the best deal for sure!

includes one set of 4.7 gram weights (note: sometimes it will be 6g instead, just depends on how malossi packs em), rear variator tension spring, and everything else.

tons of different weights available for fine tuning

bell has a 20mm ID for all you hackers n tunerz

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5 of 5 People hate on it September 19, 2014
taco eater : Dillon Ryan from Connectibutt  
But it's really great. The build quality isn't as fancy as the Polini, but you're still getting a quality piece that comes with a contra (if you can use it).

In most cases, I like to keep the stock contra and go light weights.

But::: this is pretty much terrible with a stock/gates ax belt. Malossi or bust on this one boys, no two ways about it.

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4 of 5 Still testing and tuning April 23, 2014
taco eater : DJ Lou Spin from houston, TX United States  
I got two of these for both my Grande's, one came with the 4gr the other with the 6gr weights.  The 4gr with the spring installed will not fully variate, but im still tuning to get the best performance.  Best speed so far is close to 40 with 64cc DR, Sito exhaust, spaco 13/13 carb, trying to find the right jet, multivar, stock belt and stock spring..i can get close to 40mph.  I get belt slippage with the spring and stock belt and get about 30mph.  I just got the Malossi belt and need to tune it with that, so far on a test run i lost top end with the spring, belt, and variator.  Will not fully variate.  But the part looks good as hell on the ped and has good low end.

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5 of 5 Shiny & pretty but not helping...yet April 11, 2014
taco eater : David from Oakland, CA United States  
Looks like an excellent product. Had to cut out part of my Grande's frame brace to make it fit (due to the larger diameter).   Unfortunately with my current setup it makes the ped harder to start and gives no benefit.

Benji and Will were super helpful - I'm back to my stock variator but will try this again after I rekit and recarb my setup.

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5 of 5 Multitaco- January 21, 2014
taco eater : Hugh Goldspiel from San Jose , CA United States  
So I got the money, paid treats, got the multivar, grinded the two tabs off the contra spring, bought the tool, took days to figure out how to use it, figured it out, put the spring on, put a dab of blue lock tight on the pulley nut, put it together, pulled the engine mount tab off so I could slide the belt tight, I have a new AX39 belt of a hi quality but it still seems to be slipping, next payday I'm getting the Mallossi belt.. One of the ramp plates isn't a perfect fit, but went together. It seems to be needing a break in period. And the contra spring action is really stiff feeling, seems to be in bottom gear the whole time just screaming !!! Works well, I'm glad I didn't buy lighter weights. It's incredible, my bike is in the power band always and ripping hard as can be!! Be sure to get the Malossi belt, and be sure your bike is in tip top running condition because this multivar is no joke!..

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5 of 5 Current batch comes with 6.0 gr weights September 16, 2013
taco eater : Maciek Dub from Issaquah, WA United States  
The one I just received came with blk sliders and blk 6.0gr weights/rollers.  Not an issue for me since I already have some lighter ones, including the 4.7gr that came with the one I got years ago, just FYI.

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