universal EBR extremely beefed up HYDRAULIC forks - 30mm tubes
universal EBR extremely beefed up HYDRAULIC forks - 30mm tubes


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NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW WOW NEW EBR hydraulic universal forks!!! these will fit pretty much any moped as long as you switch the headset/headsettery to accept 26mm x 1mm threading. tomos? yes. puch? yes. vespa? yes. motobecane? yes. peugeot? yes. rizzatto califfo? idk you get the point though

these look exactly like the tomos and puch 30mm forks, BUT they have bad dude futuristic hydraulic valving for incredible damping along with larger diameter tubes for more strength and rigidity. now you can play with oil weights and tune to your liking.

they work perfectly with this OEM tomos caliper. they also include a small adapter to allow mounting of a flat caliper like this.

no loose bearings, ya gotta have a through-axle in order to mount a wheel!! this axle is meant to go with these forks.

220mm tall head tube with 60mm of thread - 26mm x 1mm thread size - puch and tomos size

magnum length aka a little over 27 inches total length. about 17.5" from the bottom of the triple tree to the axle center

regular maxi ebr are 23 inches. if you are a racing duder, and desire maxi length front suspension, simply push the tubes through the triple tree until the desired ride height is achieved and use clip-on handlebars!! this also allows you to run your clip-ons above the triple tree top plate for a more comfortable ride

105mm spacing between the fork tube where the wheel bolts down depts of weights and measurements used three measurin devices to obtain these precise measurements on all these forks be happy

fork tube diameter is 30mm so when you're picking clip ons make sure you get the right size!

if you need a stabilizer... get one HERE!

these fit oem tomos revival fenders perfecto

...and oem tomos streetmate fenders!!!

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5 of 5 *For Batavus Applications see CIAO EBR!! February 9, 2019
taco eater : ADAM RIS from Lakewood, CA United States  
Seeing as how this appears in a Batavus search.
Know the CIAO EBR are closer to stock size.
These are just a bit more than needed!

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