treats rumpus plate for TJT variator - honda HOBBIT version
treats rumpus plate for TJT variator - STEEL


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new for 2018 treatland presents the treatland treatland treatland ramp plate!! the ramp angles have been optimized for use with the TJT variator body. provides smoother variation throughout the range over the stamped TJT plate!

want the whole dang thing kit n caboodle?

this is the honda HOBBIT pa50-II camino specific version!!! if you try and use it on a derbi, it no work!

BUT If you have a pa50-I, use the derbi ramp plate because the pa50-I clutch bell is different, dude!

uses derbi ramp plate guides sold separately

if you are switching from a factory derbi 6 roller ramp plate, TJT ramp plate, or other 6 roller ramp plate you will need to go up or down slightly to fulfill your performance desires. In our experience you will usually be dropping weight.

You will probably also want to experiment with different contra springs to get the most out of your new setup.

the second photo is for illustrative purpose only, to be clear you just get the plate, not the whole variator or ramp plate guides!

may come in BLACK or RAW steel finish

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3 of 5 RPM drop July 27, 2019
taco eater : roger suarez from APOPKA, FL United States  
Requires tweaking rear contra and weights. I experienced rpm drop and hence loss of staying in the power band compared to TJT plate.

15g+red= drop

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5 of 5 only works on PA50-II bell January 22, 2019
taco eater : eames  
Since this is made specifically for hobbits, it fits the Hobbit PA50-II bell PERFECTLY.  That is no more slop.  With that, if you were previously using a TJT with a PA50-I, it will no longer fit.

Just a heads up.  

edit: these can be easily modified for use on a pa50I bell with the use of a round file! you are correct though!

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5 of 5 Nicely done- a Must have! August 5, 2018
taco eater : Neil Burgess from Aberdeen, WA United States  
Works much better than the TJT plate. My Athena setup loves this plate at 12-13g total weight. TJT used to get all wonky at anything under 17g with the old plate... now the lighter ya go the better! This is exactly the part you want and need for a ripper hobbit.

setup: Athena, H95, del 21, TJT 12.3g total weight, red contra, stock gears

see a quick zero to 50 here:

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5 of 5 Crazy Wayne July 10, 2018
taco eater : Wayne Merchant from Galt, CA United States  
This product deserves a 10 taco rating.
This product deserves product of the year for mopeds, you did awesome job Benji.

I'm running this on a TJT with a European Camino Style contra Pully assembly, the one with the angled slot that down shifts when you hit the power or a hill.
I'm running 15/16 grams with the Athena.

It's absolutely mind-blowing I can't wait to go to Oakland and blast Up snake Road.

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5 of 5 Titts May 24, 2018
taco eater : Mattcheese from Pico Rivera, CA United States  
This is titts.

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