TJT variator for derbi variant & honda hobbit mopeds
TJT variator derbi variant honda hobbit



oh my this has to be one of the best upgrades for derbi and hobbit. this tis the one you want.

your stock ramp plate will not work with this variator! read up on the "internet" if ya got your doubts or questions

**you NEED to get the tjt rumpus plate with this!!! sold separetely**

16 x 13 roller weights

if you do use the black, blue or yellow weights it comes with, sand them down a bit so they slide smoothly

does not include ramp plate guides!! we just got em in so grab them here!!

These come with the brass bushings again! Yessssss!!!!

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5 of 5 An Old Sea Captains Tale of Toil and Trouble September 18, 2017
taco eater : Andy from The High Seas of Lake Michigan  
Yes who use the firm and supple grey spring in their hobbits beware, for knock on me wooden leg the user has been warned.

the elusive red and yellow contra spring fish twirl in the way of a clock, tick tock tick tock. set ye masts and hobbits shall blast.

ye supplied beauty grey beard spring spins in the way of a knot clock. use in a hobbit and expandomundo you will find, jamming and problems of the bright sea sunshine.

I have heard an old barders tale of placing yea supplied spring infront of a looking glass to create a same, BUT peculiarly different sort of grey spring, that would by my rotten teeth work in ye hobbit. But they say the personalities of the mirrored springs will take yer hand if you look at them wrong.

Best ye dig for this buried treasure and catch a contra fish along yer endeavors

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5 of 5 Tjt fo life June 7, 2017
taco eater : Matthew Hudak from Granger, IN United States  
Like it says once you go tjt you never go back! Just a few tweaks and you're hobbits cruzin smooth.. easy to tune I love it. I haven't bothered with the rear spring yet, and still love the performance

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4 of 5 Doesn't last forever. But good July 13, 2016
taco eater : Sarah Baskin from Lake Saint Louis, MO United States  
Wish the replacement bushing fit snug instead of requiring JB weld to be held in place.

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5 of 5 works great after clean up and something thoughts May 29, 2015
taco eater : tee rux from Winnipeg, MB Canada  
casting isn't perfect but that's no biggie. the one i got says generation 3 on the box. (bought of someone that purchased it but never attempted to use)

Not sure if this is the case with all of the TJT's but the rails for the ramp plate guides are not identical, all 3 taper and get wider towards the bottom, one was noticeably bigger and needed to be massaged to get the plate guides to work without filing them to a fragile size. Also the machining on the outer edge is a little off as well. That being said, in theory, these imperfections would case the variator to be unbalanced and cause excessive stress on the end of your crank (probably why we've all heard of stock cranks not holding up with a TJT)

All in all its a wicked variator and worth the little work to use. very smooth variation all around, takes you to another level forsure.

Ill be looking into getting my balanced and see whats going on there.

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5 of 5 Derbi variant/Treat reed kit February 4, 2015
taco eater : George Warren from Castro Valley, CA United States  
After cleaning up the castings as recommended it rips! Made a HUGE difference!

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